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Mistbox Review & Does It Really Work?

The Mistbox Air Conditioner Cooler is a small version of a chilling tool that’s been used in commercial settings for years.

Fundamentally, Mistbox is an air conditioner for your air conditioner.

Mistbox Air Conditioner Cooler

Via evaporative cooling, it chills the air around your air conditioner to reduce the load on the unit and improve the function of your air conditioner.

It straps around your air conditioning unit and delivers cool, moist air as the unit powers up and functions under solar power.

You only need a water source and sunshine to reduce your air conditioning bills. Does Mistbox really work? In this guide we will look at its features and try to determine if it is worthwhile or not in this Mistbox review.

Mistbox: Features & Specifications

The Mistbox Air Conditioner Cooler uses water, an automatic starter and solar power to cool your air conditioning unit so it can cool your house.

The Mistbox unit affixes to the front of your air conditioning unit with screws and can be installed by hand.

Once it’s in place and working, you can connect it to your smartphone and review how often it comes on and how much it’s saving you each month.

The phone app (Android / iPhone) lets you check on the unit and can give you information on your possible savings.​


The Mistbox Air Conditioner Cooler consists of four misting bars linked on a thin, durable tube that delivers water to the misters.

These misting bars are adjustable so they slide up and down the tube; you can customize the length of the tube to wrap around your air conditioning unit.

The mistbars come with clips that attach to the venting panels of your air conditioning unit.

Plug in the flexible hose to a nearby spigot or hose and turn on the water. This will pressurize the hose and prime the misters to fire when triggered by the Mistbox controller.​

Can deposits from the water damage my air conditioner?

Tap water contains minerals that can build up and create scale on your air conditioning unit. While there’s a calcium filter available, other minerals, including lime and iron, may cause problems.​

In fairness, you’d have to have large amounts of build-up to impede the actual functioning of your air conditioning unit.

However, removing these deposits requires acid-based corrosive chemicals, many of which may damage the aluminum in your air conditioning unit and could be hard on belts, seals and gaskets inside the air conditioning unit.

Anything that puts your compressor at risk can be very costly.​

Automatic Misting

The misting process starts automatically. Manufacturers promise “smart” technology and that the misting process will turn on as it learns the system.

Cooling with moisture is less effective under conditions of high humidity, and Mistbox sensors don’t seem to refer to ambient or climactic humidity in the region.​

Unfortunately, the smart technology doesn’t include a review of the relative humidity in the area. If you live in an extremely humid climate, this tool may be of limited effect.


The solar panel is effective in powering up the unit. If your air conditioner doesn’t receive enough direct sunlight, you may need an alternate solar panel or an alternate power source.

Solar power and rechargeable batteries reduce the need to run an extension cord or other power source to your air conditioning unit.

The Mistbox has rechargeable batteries in the unit, so you don’t need a full day of sun.

Does this really reduce the load on my air conditioning unit?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean you’ll stay cooler indoors. Chilling the air around the condenser changes how much cool air the air conditioner thinks it needs to put out.

You may find your air conditioning unit running more often if you have to adjust the thermostat because it feels like your unit is not keeping up.

If your compressor reads cooler air, it may back off in cooling intensity.

Some HVAC professionals note that you may need to add Freon or other chemicals to your air conditioning unit to reduce air temperature inside your home if the condenser in functioning at a lower intensity.​

Important Information

Does Mistbox work? When the misters are spraying correctly, it can lower the ambient temperature around your air conditioning unit.

The Mistbox video points out correctly that this evaporative cooling process has been used on commercial systems in the past, and this is true.

Air conditioning units are not designed to be constantly damp. Corrosion is always a risk.​

However, HVAC professionals note that this misting process is generally only used as a last resort or when systems are close to failing and need emergency cooling.

There are trade-offs to having a constantly wet air conditioning unit, including corrosion and scale build-up.

Final Thoughts

The Mistbox Air Conditioner Cooler is a fairly new product on the market and reviews as yet are mixed.

If your air conditioner is nearing the end of its life, is undersized or is close to being replaced for any other reason, this cooling process may keep it chugging along for a new more years.

However, it’s important to note that this misting tool may cause long-term damage to a unit that’s working fine because of the extra moisture.

If you’re hoping to save on your electric bills, you might consider other home-cooling investments such as an attic fan, blackout drapes or high volume fans.​

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  1. This device will destroy your AC unit. What happens to a coffee pot when you heat water in it? It gets scale and deposits. When this scale deposits on your heat coils it hardens just like on a coffee pot causing it to insulate the coil to. This is the exact opposite of what you want to happen and it will burn up your AC unit. Other companies tried this same thing back in the 70’s and ended up causing the exact problem i outlined above.

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