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The Team

Who is Justin Micheal?

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I’m Justin, owner and lead editor at SettingItSmart. I’m a family guy in my mid-thirties who has been dabbling with technology since the late 80’s. I’m currently engrossed with fully integrating the future into my home.

I used to tinker with electronic toys as a child and then with our first home computer against my parents approval.

Those were the days when it was simple to plug a cable in the wrong way and cause things to smoke and catch fire. Don’t worry, most things today only go in only one way, are color coded and designed to be user friendly.

My point is that I’ve made mistakes… a lot of mistakes.

Through those mistakes I’ve developed a better understanding of how things work, what to consider and what to avoid.

How We Got Started

Because smart home technologies are new and constantly evolving, there’s a massive gap of information for people like you and I.

Since I already help friends and family with their tech problems, I thought others could benefit from my knowledge as well. The best part is that by documenting my thoughts on this site, I can easily direct anyone here without having to repeat myself over and over again.

“It felt like a no-brainer to share my knowledge and experiences.”

However, since starting this project I’ve realized that I can’t do it all alone. There is just too much information to cover for one person, so I’ve enlisted the help of other tech savvy friends and bloggers to help out.

Top Smart Home Automation Myths

Do you like the idea of your home automatically adjusting the lights when you enter a room? How about relaxing while a robot vacuum cleans the floors or being able to video chat with your pet while you’re on break at work?

Unfortunately, most people assume that implementing home automation systems or products are either expensive or too complicated to set up.

But that’s definitely not the case!

#1 Too Expensive

A few years ago I might have agreed, but today you can start implementing smart technologies without breaking your bank account. The price of technology goes down dramatically as things are improved and mass produced.

For example, older models or versions may cost less than half the price of newer ones and still have many of the same functions.

Sometimes these changes are simply in design or improvements to battery life which doesn’t significantly impact the main function that it was built for.

What is the best home automation system? At the end of the day you don’t need to upgrade everything in your home, only the things that you take interest in. With SettingItSmart helping you along the way there’s no reason to buy things you don’t need.

#2 Too Complicated

The whole idea of a smart home, or smart device, is to make your life easier.

There may be times when you might want to call in a professional, such as rewiring a new HVAC system, but operation afterwards should be a breeze. Other items may be as simple as charging the battery, turning it on and let it go to work for you.

Can you follow step-by-step instructions?

Great! We also cover easy to follow directions through text, pictures, and sometimes videos to help demonstrate what to do including a variety of troubleshooting guides just in case you get stuck!

What We Do

  • Stay Updated – One of the challenges of providing information on the latest and greatest is that technology changes so quickly. We do our best to provide accurate up-to-date information as best we can, but keep in mind we’re human too. If we messed up, feel free to let us know here.
  • Upfront and Honest – We’ll tell you in our product reviews who we think might be the ideal owner of said product and who wouldn’t be. We cover both the good and not so good so that you can make a better informed decision before investing in any technology for your home.
  • Offer An Unbiased View – We don’t accept sponsored posts or products. Our editorial picks are of our own choice and we aim to write impartial and unbiased information so that you can make informed decisions of your own.
  • Totally Understanding – Technology can be very confusing. We understand that not everyone is going to “get it”. Our guides and reviews use a wide array of media to help make our points simple and easy to follow, but if you’re stuck, don’t forget to leave a comment or question at the bottom of those pages so we can help you further.

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