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Does The Stop Dog Barking App Work?

Dog whistles in any form function by producing a noise that distracts the dog from their current focus. Once you’ve got them distracted, you can work to break bad behaviors.

Do Dog Whistle Apps Work? Dog whistle apps are available for free from several app stores. The quality of the sound production depends on your phone, obviously. When determining how to use dog whistle app, it’s important to remember that negative behavioral reinforcement only goes so far.

If your dog is behaving badly and you want to correct that behavior, a whistle may be an ideal way to break their focus and reconnect with them so you can train them toward a better behavior.

Per animal expert Simon Foden of The Nest, you can use a whistle as the beginning of a trained behavior if you consistently apply reward once the behavior is performed.

Do Dog Whistles Work To Stop Barking?

As previously stated, a dog whistle can be used to get the attention of the dog. If your dog is focused on barking at a squirrel or digging a hole and you use the whistle, they’ll be distracted.

At that point, you can immediately work to redirect the dog’s behavior and build better habits.

A dog whistle, whether manual or on your phone, is just a tool. Punishing your dog with a loud or high noise and not giving them the chance to improve their behavior is a waste of a training whistle.

Training requires dog owners to reward good behavior; if you only punish and restrict, you’ll confuse the dog and may train them to act aggressively.​

Do Dog Whistles Hurt Dogs?

While humans can only hear up to 23 kHz (Kilo Hertz), dogs will pick up sounds up to 45 kHz. These higher pitches are intense for the dog, and depending on the volume, may cause discomfort.

The dog whistle sound doesn’t need to be high in volume to get the dog’s attention.

What Frequency Is A Dog Whistle?

The standard dog whistle sound starts at 30 kHz. Higher is possible, but not necessary. Also, a dog whistle doesn’t need to be terribly loud. Once your dog figures out that the whistle means. Stop That and Do This, you’re on your way to well-behaved dog!​

Why Won’t My Dog Quit Barking?

It’s important to monitor the environmental conditions that can be causing your dog to bark excessively or behave badly. Small animals like squirrels and cats can be a source of barking.

Immediately connect with your dog at these times, get them to sit beside you and reward them for their quiet and calm.

Will they bark again? Probably. But if you’re around, they may remember and come to you for a reward.​

There are several sounds that make dogs bark, but not many legitimate reasons for the dog to raise a ruckus.

Do you want to break your dog’s habit of barking at the garbage truck at 4:30 in the morning? You’ll have better luck with a distraction from the bad behavior (barking) and rewarding good behavior (returning to their bed and going back to sleep) with a food treat or speaking gently to the dog.

The dog has learned that if they bark long enough, the truck will leave. Success! You need to train the dog to recognize a different form of success.

Final Thoughts

Improving your dog’s behavior only by punishment is not a good long-term solution.

Use the whistle to get your dog’s attention, then redirect the behavior and reward them with a treat of some sort. Consistent, positive attention is the best way to build good canine habits.​