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Wink Hub 2 Review – Is Wink Worth It?

The use of smart home technologies is an emerging trend that makes life easy by giving their users more control over their home systems.

However, you might encounter a challenge of coordinating the smart appliances using their respective apps, more so if you have invested in multiple smart home devices.

Wink Hub 2 is a sleek home automation system whose capabilities let you manage your smart home appliances using a single app.

Wink WNKHUB-2US 2 Smart Home Hub

Wink WNKHUB-2US 2 Smart home hub, White

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Some of the useful features that make up this maestro of the smart home technology are discussed in this Wink Hub review including compatibility, setup and its competitors.

Wink Hub 2 Features

Easy To Set Up

In our opinion, Wink Hub is an excellent choice if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person.

This is because of its straightforward set up process that is backed by an easy, step-by-step tutorial that guides you through the installation process.

Ideally, the setup process entails plugging in the Wink Hub hardware to power and Ethernet and downloading the Wink Hub app using an Android-enabled smartphone or tablet, iPhone or iPad, and any other modern mobile gadget.

After the download, read the setup guide in the app to get your Hub running within five minutes.

Like any other DIY project, Hub’s simplicity of installation saves you from additional expenses of hiring an expert to help fix the home automation system.

Nonetheless, since simplicity is not definitive, we would recommend that you hire a service person in case you doubt your DIY skills.

The Design

Another useful feature on this home automation system is the sleek design with a glossy white finish.

Wink WNKHUB-2US 2 Smart home hub, White

With this glossy appearance, you can set the automation system in any part of your house without the fear of compromising your home’s cosmetic value with bulky and ugly home automation systems.

However, the flimsy plastic finish might be an issue if you prefer a home automation system that has a sturdy construction.

LED Light Indicates Status

A LED light on Wink Hub uses various colors to alert you of the current situation of your Hub.

For instance, a solid green flash means that your hub is starting up while a purple flash shows that Wink Hub 2 is not connected to your Wi- Fi network.

A Yellow flash indicates that Wink Hub 2 is trying to connect to your Wi- Fi network and a solid yellow color means that your hub is connected to a Wi- Fi network.

These indicators help you take the appropriate action required to run your Hub. We would suggest that you refer to your Hub’s user manual to understand the meanings decoded by all the LED signaling colors.​

Wink Compatible Devices

Wink Hub 2 hardware is compatible with almost all smart home appliances that support protocols like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Clear Connect, Kidde, Zig-Bee, Apple watch, and many other networking protocols including IFTTT.

However, you should note that Wink Hub is not compatible with Apple Home Kit.

  • Does Wink work with Alexa? Yes, Wink 2 is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa giving you the freedom to control your smart appliances through your voice.
  • Does wink work with Nest? Yes, Wink is also compatible with Nest products like the Nest Learning thermostat and the Nest Cam.

The Hub’s excellent compatibility gives you the freedom to control it over third party appliances like thermostats, door openers, bells, lights, and security systems, among other systems.​

Wink App To Manage Smart Devices Remotely

What is Wink Hub app? Like most smart apps, the Wink Hub app lets you operate your smart home system remotely through your mobile phone.

In our opinion, the Wink app is one of the easiest Hub apps that are friendly to both novices and pros alike.

Wink WNKHUB-2US 2 Smart home hub, White

The Wink app is a well-organized app that lets you manage hundreds of smart home products from leading manufacturers like Philips, Ecobee, Cree, Ring, Canary, Sensi, Honeywell, leakSMART, and Osram.

However, the Wink App might not be a good fit if you are looking to operate it through your computer or tablet, as they are not supported.

The only devices that may support the Wink app are iPhones, iPods, and an Android-enabled smartphone.

The good news of using this app is that it pairs easily with almost all Wink-compatible smart home systems such as the Wink temperature sensor.

The straightforward process of matching your app with the smart products entails going to the home screen, selecting the “add product” option, and following the instructions given.

However, you may encounter trouble pairing your Hub app with some Wink compatible devices that are already paired with other apps. If you get a problem pairing Wink 2 with a Wink-compatible device, we suggest that you contact Wink representatives for help.​

Wink Competitors

Despite the fact that Wink Hub 2 seems like a good home hub system, you might still find some smart home automation systems with a similar or better performance as that of Wink Hub 2. Hub 2’s top competitors are:​

Wink vs Wink 2

Wink Connected Home Hub still remains a strong competitor to its improved version.

Some of the reasons why you could consider Wink in place of Wink 2 is that it costs less than Wink 2, and it lets you control most smart home appliances using a single app.

Like Wink 2, Wink Connected Home Hub features a beautiful design that won’t compromise your interior’s cosmetic value, it pairs with most smart home appliances, and it is easy to set up.

However, Wink has a smaller memory capacity, it lacks the Ethernet connectivity, and it pairs with fewer devices than its improved version. Those are some the reasons why Wink 2 is sold at a higher price than Wink Connected Home Hub.

Unlike its predecessor model, the Wink Hub 2 comes with advanced features like a robust dual band Wi-Fi radio and processor, an Ethernet port, and a larger memory.

These qualities increase Wink Hub 2’s compatibility with wireless protocols and its speed.

Although Wink 2 is highly compatible with most smart homes’ systems, it lacks some important features like a battery backup and a USB port that are available on competitors like Samsung’s SmartThings.​

Samsung SmartThings vs Wink 2

Samsung’s SmartThings hub is a second-generation hub that lets you monitor and control your smart appliances through the SmartThings app.

We consider Samsung’s SmartThings as a top competitor to Hub 2 because it is compatible with most smart home devices, it supports Amazon Alexa’s hands-free control, and it can learn to control your smart appliances according to your preferred schedule.

Also, the Samsung’s SmartThings Hub is easy to set up and configure, it has a USB port, and it is more affordable than Wink 2. See our full SmartThings vs Wink comparison for more details.

Insteon Central Controller Hub

Insteon’s Central Controller hub is another top competitor that you might consider as a Wink 2 alternative.

Despite its price, Insteon Central Controller Hub is compatible with a large family of smart devices, it supports Amazon Alexa and Nest Thermostat, and its app gives you the freedom to control multiple smart appliances through one app.

Moreover, you can program Insteon Central Controller to send you email alerts. However, this hub is a little bit complicated to set up, and it may not pair up with as many devices as Wink 2.​

Final Thoughts

Wink Hub 2 is the newer version of the original Wink Connected Home Hub.

Unlike the predecessor app, the new version features a sleeker design with a glossy finish, it is compatible with more smart home appliances, it has an improved performance, and its Wink app lets you monitor and control the paired smart devices from anywhere.

Wink Hub 2 might be a sound investment for first-time users looking to manage their smart gadgets through a single app. However, it may not be a worthy investment for pro smart home users as the hub seems too simplistic.​