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Best Automatic Window Cleaning Robots

A window washing robot is often a rechargeable unit with a tether that can be put to work on hard to reach, high risk windows. These smart window cleaning tools may give you clean, streak free windows without the risk of ladders or scaffolding.

Award-winning Winbots, such as the WINBOT 850, are at the top of our list.

Winbot Robotic Window Cleaner

Safety is a big concern for us and over time ECOVACS ROBOTICS has improved their line of window washing robots, including new and improved safety features. Because of this we would recommend checking them out.

However, competitors are creeping up in the market and may also be a great entry point.

Our Top Picks For The Best Window Cleaning Robot​

These are not the only robots available, just the top 3 that we consider to be worthy of checking out from a quality and price standpoint.

Why Get A Window Washing Robot?

Tall Windows

For standards sized windows on the ground floor, most window cleaning can be done from a short ladder at little risk to the window or the person doing the washing. However, if your windows are especially high and require a long ladder, a robot can save you a lot of risk.

Wide or Large Windows

Additionally, if your windows cover a wide span of glass, cleaning them from a ladder may not be possible as you’ll have no hard surface against which to lean the ladder. You may need to rent and construct scaffolding to wash wide panes of glass manually.

Or, you could invest in one of the many robotic window cleaners on the market for safe, and hopefully streak-free window cleaning experience.

How Well Do They Work?

Robotic window cleaners affix themselves to the window via suction. They follow a pattern inside the pane or along the edge of frameless windows that enables them to efficiently cover the entire panel of glass without missing spots or repeatedly covering one spot over and over.

These units offer multiple safety features to help prevent them from falling off the window on to you, your family, pets, or anything else.

In addition to the suction power that holds the automatic window cleaner to the glass, each unit has both a power cord and a tether.

Features To Consider

Cleaning Quality

The EcoVac Window Robot is a square robotic window cleaner with a padded outer frame. It’s this frame that is sprayed with a cleaner, provided by the manufacturer.

As the robot glides smoothly across the glass on the padded frame, the cleaning product and the padding pick up dirt and other products that can make your windows look dusty and streaked.​


Should the unit lose power, the EcoVac will cling for up to 15 minutes before it falls. An alarm will sound to let you know the unit has lost power. Additionally, it has a tether will catch it before it can cause damage to person, pet or belonging below the window.

Access Limitations

The EcoVac Window Robot line offers additional power cord extensions for exceptionally hard to reach windows.

Another machine with unique access options is the Cop Rose Smart Robot Window Cleaner. This unit offers a rounded head instead of square for curved glass or hard to reach areas.​

Surface Types

While the EcoVac is recommended for windows only, the Cop Rose can be used to clean floors, counters and table tops.

This product is only 5 pounds / 2.3 kg and can easily be moved from surface to help you in your cleaning work.

The EcoVac is not recommended for surfaces other than glass, but can be used to clean both insides and outsides of windows.

Some of these units can wash any reasonably smooth wall surface and can even be used on ceilings. Should you find the unit doesn’t clean windows to your liking, consider putting it to work in another application if the manufacturer permits it. It may save you a new coat of paint!


Window cleaning robots are generally powered via an extension cord to deliver consistent electrical power so they can maintain suction and complete their tasks. However, many of them have remotes, so regular types of batteries will be required for these.​


Window cleaning robots are no noisier than the average vacuum cleaner. Once you’re familiar with the machine, you can place it to start cleaning and do something else until your robotic window washer returns to your start position.


Window cleaning robots are designed to sense the frame of the window pane they’re cleaning and turn for the next cleaning path.

They can also sense when they’re reaching the edge of a frameless window or table top, and again turn to clean the next section of the surface they’re working on. You can program the path of the cleaner, or allow it to make the best selection for the area to be cleaned.

Some units can be tracked via your phone. Forget regular remote controls, this is the age of smart homes! More and more products are able to be controlled by mobile devices.


It’s critically important to use the cleaning supplies as recommended by the manufacturer. As these machines need suction to function, using the wrong cleaner can make it impossible for the unit to cling to the glass.

Be aware that cleaning wet glass (such as a shower door) may limit the ability of the tool to cling to the glass.​

The cleaning pads will need to be replaced or at least rinsed repeatedly as you use your window cleaning robot.


There are a few quirks with these machines that must be mentioned so you can be sure this is the right window cleaner for your household.

  • Some of these units will not work on anything other than a straight up and down panel, perpendicular to the floor. If you have a garden window or a bay window with a glass top that could use some cleaning, some of these units won’t work.
  • Many of these machines shut down at under 40 degree Fahrenheit / 4 degrees Celsius, so they’re ideal for fall, spring and summer but not a great wintertime tool.
  • If your windows are very dirty, you’ll need to clear off a space for the bot to start.​

Final Thoughts

Our Top Picks:

If any of the windows in your home or business require you to put your physical safety at risk to wash them, consider a window robot. These well-designed machines are a great way to safely clean hard to reach windows.

With extension cords and a safety tether, you should be able to enjoy windows that are streak free and bright without risk of power loss to the machine or breakage in the unlikely event of a fall.