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Samsung SmartThings vs Wink Hub 2

Increasing the number of smart products in your home including lights, thermostats and security sensors will eventually require you to need a hub.

If you have a hub that is starting to bog down, updated versions are available that allow for easy transitions and fast set-ups.

In this guide we will compare the Wink 2 vs SmartThings hub by their specifications and features. Which is better, Wink or SmartThings? Let’s find out!​

Product Specifications At A Glance

Samsung SmartThings Hub, 2nd Generation

SAMSUNG SmartThings Smart Home Hub 2nd Generation

This second generation Samsung Hub is also an upgrade from an earlier version.

  1. The Samsung SmartThings Hub works well with a wide range of smart technologies.
  2. You can program your hub to respond to Amazon Alexa for voice commands or your the SmartThings app.
  3. Your Samsung hub can be programmed for multiple settings on numerous smart appliances and tools.

For example, letting the app know “I’m home!” can unlock your front door, turn off the security system and power up the air conditioning.​

Wink Hub 2

Wink WNKHUB-2US 2 Smart home hub, White

The Wink Hub 2 is an upgraded version of the Wink Hub and offers an easy transfer to the newer, faster Hub 2.

  1. Wink works with a wide variety of smart home tools and can easily be controlled via the Wink App.
  2. You can also control the Wink Hub 2 with Amazon Alexa.
  3. This newest Wink tool offers more memory and more powerful wi-fi for faster connection.
  4. The Wink Hub 2 is an upright hub and will blend in well on your favorite bookshelf!

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Wink or SmartThings? Comparing Features

FeaturesSamsung SmartThings (2nd Gen)Wink Hub 2
SetupIn-app instructions (Broadband Internet connection required)In-app instructions (Broadband Internet connection required)
User ConnectivityEthernet port, AppWi-Fi (2.4GHz, 5GHz), Ethernet port, App
# of devices that can be paired to hubSmartThings has 117 connected at their DC Office530
Compatibility & SupportZigBee, Z-Wave, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Ecobee3, and IP-connected devicesBluetooth LE, Kidde, Clear Connect, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Amazon Alexa, Program recipes with IFTTT
Range50 – 100 ft.50 – 100 ft.
Power SourceAC power, Battery BackupAC power

Wink Hub 2 Features

If you’re just starting out with the Wink Hub 2, set up will be easy.

Once activated, the tool will seek out smart technology in your home and provide an intuitive setup process to guarantee that your home security system, door locks, smoke detector and other smart technologies sync automatically.

Wink WNKHUB-2US 2 Smart home hub, White

The phone app can help you seek out and connect any smart technology that doesn’t present itself. Once these connections are made, you can control your smart home technology with Amazon Alexa.

For those upgrading their Wink Hubs, the transition is even smoother; per the manufacturer, you can make these transfers with your app in less than a minute. Once this has been completed, any upgrades or additions offered by Wink 2 can also be synced to the hub.

The Wink Hub 2 can be connected either via wifi or hardwired to an ethernet port. If your router is fully occupied, this tool will still connect!

It’s important to note that Wink is always updating, so if you have older smart technology that can’t be ready by the Wink Hub as yet, let customer service know and you may be surprised.

The Wink app can be controlled from your smart phone and other wireless tools including Apple Watch and Android Wearables. This tool also works well with Alexa from Amazon.

However, it should be noted that those with Hue lighting hubs will need an additional hub to run their lights.

No batteries are necessary to run your Wink Hub 2. An ethernet port is available if you prefer to plug your Hub into your router. Your Wink will also need access to electrical power.

Wink WNKHUB-2US 2 Smart home hub, White

The Wink Hub 2 comes with a one year limited warranty. This warranty only applies should the Wink fail under conditions of normal use. It’s also important to note that Wink may replace or repair your Hub 2 with a reconditioned part at their discretion.

If you purchase your Wink Hub 2 from an unauthorized reseller, your warranty may not honored. You can purchase a three or four year extension on the warranty for an additional fee.​

SmartThings Features

The Samsung SmartThings Hub offers easy setup and smooth transition from the first generation to the second. This can be done via the phone app or with the help of Alexa from Amazon Echo.

SAMSUNG SmartThings Smart Home Hub 2nd Generation

The combined programming option, which can be used to turn on everything you need including lights, security and air conditioning, is a great feature which will increase your comfort and reduce your utility bills.

With the combined programming option, simply let your SmartThings hub know what you want to happen during daily events such as arriving home, waking up or going to sleep, and your smart home tools can be linked together to function in a group.

The SmartThings Hub will require an internet connected router and an available ethernet port for connection. The SmartThings Hub 2nd generation does not come with wifi only ethernet. If all your ethernet outlets are occupied, you may need an ethernet network switch.

For those with Hue lighting, be aware that you’ll need to control the Hue hub via your SmartThings hub per SmartThings technical support. However, this connection is easy to make and simple to use.

The SmartThings Hub has an upgraded capacity but a more traditional body style. Like many other hubs, this tool is a small flat rectangle with two data ports, an ethernet cable and a power supply on the back.

It’s unobtrusive, but offers none of the grace of the updated Wink. It also requires 4 AA batteries, which are included with your SmartThings Hub.

You’ll be able to access your SmartThings Hub from any Droid (4.0 or later) or iOS (8.1 or later).

However, the manufacturer doesn’t discuss accessing the hub from wearables or watches, though that may be possible.

Of course, if everyone has a smartphone that matches the required parameters this concern will be moot.

SAMSUNG SmartThings Smart Home Hub 2nd Generation

Your SmartThings Hub comes with a one year limited warranty should it fail under normal working conditions. Should your Hub fail under normal use, they will repair the defect or replace it free of charge within the one year warranty period.​

Final Thoughts & The Winner

The members of your household will determine which hub is best for you.

Because both of these tools will work with Amazon Alexa, the programming differences really only impact the ability to get through your locked front door and turning off the security system.

  • If your kids let themselves in and have a wearable that will disarm and re-arm the security system, you probably want to work with a Wink Hub 2 for ease of entry and access for users of multiple ages.​
  • If most of the members of you household have smartphones, then the programming options on the Samsung SmartThings Hub are superb. You can let your house know your home, and it can keep you safe and comfortable. The settings for daily needs such as going to sleep, getting up, leaving for work or arriving home offer great convenience.

Investing in a smart home hub is a great way to stay comfy, cool and safe. With custom programming, adjusting to which member of the household has entered the home, you can even avoid thermostat wars.

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If you’ve only dipped your toe in smart home technology, a hub may not yet be necessary.

However, if you have multiple apps on your phone for lights, air conditioning and locks, a smart hub can save you a lot of swiping and button pushing.