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iRobot Roomba 650 Review (Features & Demo)

The iRobot Roomba 650 robotic cleaner is advertised as a compact size robotic cleaner that helps you clean your floor, carpet and any other surface at a push of a button.

The robotic vacuum cleaner has attracted many companies with each placing its brand in the market.

Each of the products available has unique features, is sold at different prices, and differs in quality with others, making it difficult to choose the best cleaner from the rest.

Is the Roomba 650 a good option? In this Roomba 650 review we will help you gauge if the robotic vacuum cleaner is a good fit for your floor cleaning tasks.

The following iRobot 650 video is a demonstration of how it operates with the single press of a button.​

Roomba 650 Features & Specifications

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

Size & Hard To Reach Areas

Have you been looking for a robotic cleaner to help you clean the hard to reach places in your home? If yes, Roomba 650 might be an option to consider.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

This robotic vacuum cleaner stands at just 3.6 inches high, giving it the ability to maneuver under most furniture, kickboards, sofas, and most places that are practically inaccessible by standard vacuum cleaners.

This might be an important feature for those people who are sensitive to dust, pet hair, and other form of dirt that accumulate in the hard-to-reach places.

Programming​ & Presets

One of the common hassles associated with some vacuum cleaners is their complexity of operation.

Unlike such hard to operate robotic vacuum cleaners, Roomba 650 features a clean button, which gets the robot into the task in a single press. This feature makes Roomba 650 a good option for first-timers as well as kids.

“You Can Preset the iRobot Roomba 650 To Vacuum Your Floor And Carpets Up To Seven cleaning sessions”

Its preset function that gives you the freedom to program your robot cleaner to clean your dirty surfaces up to seven cleaning sessions.

This would be an important feature if you are looking for a robotic cleaner to tidy up your floor, carpet, and rugs for a whole week.

Furthermore, this feature saves you from the hassle of having to program your robotic cleaner each day.

Roomba 650 Is Self-Charging

In our opinion, Roomba is among the best robotic cleaner models designed to function with little or no human supervision. After this cleaner completes its cleaning assignment, it returns to its charging system where it docks to recharge for the next task.

A single charge lasts for more than one hour!

Another top feature is the 60+ minute run time. This means that a single charge is enough to let the robotic vacuum cleaner to clean most medium sized floors.​

Cleaning & Floor Types​

Despite its small size, Roomba 650 features a three-stage cleaning system that utilizes multiple cleaning approaches like brushing and suction to remove even the most stubborn dirt from your floor, carpet, or rugs.

Besides the cleaning system, this robotic cleaner also features a spinning side brush that eliminates dust in the corners and edges. Roomba 650’s 3 stage cleaning system can lift and suck dirt, debris, and pet hair from most surfaces.

It is designed to adjust automatically to carpeted floors and laminated floors and able to tackle hardwood flooring.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

Roomba 650’s virtual wall technology lets it clean specified places only.

This autonomous vacuum cleaner features an intelligent Roomba 650 virtual wall technology that lets you restrict the robotic cleaner to the rooms you want to be cleaned.

The 650 also features the iAdapt responsive navigation technology that helps it to navigate smoothly within your rooms while avoiding stairs and other solid objects.​

Roomba 650 Accessories

Some the accessories that come alongside your Roomba 650 robotic cleaner include:

  • Roomba 650 batteries to keep your robotic cleaners working unplugged.
  • The standard package comes with a dock charger to recharge the batteries. The dock charger charges the batteries in 3 hours’ time.
  • In addition, Roomba 650 comes with an extra filter to let you replace worn out filters.​

What Are The Potential Issues?

Even top rated products often have their fair share of downsides or flaws. Some of the common defects associated with Roomba 650 include:

  • Roomba 650 is a little bit overpriced when compared to some robotic vacuum cleaners of its class.
  • The robotic vacuum cleaner might not eliminate all debris and dirt in some hard to reach edges in your house.
  • Drained batteries take long to recharge.
  • Based on its small size, Roomba 650 can take more than 45 minutes to clean an average size surface.
  • The Roomba 650 cleaner may get stuck when cleaning high-density carpets.
  • Your warranty can be voided in case you service the robotic vacuum cleaner with third party replacement parts.

The Competition

Some of the competitors that would be a good alternative to the Roomba 650 include:

Roomba 650 vs 665

While these units are very similar, the key differences are the Roomba batteries and brushes.

The 655’s lithium-ion battery offers 3x the battery life before it needs to be replaced. Because it uses a Li-ion battery, the charging mechanisms are also different. It’s important to use the proper charger or charging base to avoid potential battery problems.

The Roomba 655 also comes with 1 flat and 1 round brush whereas the 650 only comes with a flat brush.

The biggest draw for the 655 over the 650 is the battery.​

Roomba 630 vs Roomba 650

The Roomba 630 has better performance than 650 with edges.

The Roomba 630 can maneuver into the hard to reach places like under the couch with its wall-following technology lets the robotic cleaner to clear dirt in edges. It also adjusts automatically to all types of floors.

Unlike the Roomba 650, the Roomba 630 uses infrared beams to clean specific areas, and its cliff detecting technology shields the robotic vacuum cleaner from falling off your stairs.

However, you may want to consider a newer model​ which competes with the price of the 630.

Eufy RoboVac 11

Eufy RoboVac 11 is another good alternative that you could consider purchasing in place of Roomba 650.

Just like Roomba 650, this robotic cleaner is easy to operate, and its low profile lets you clear the dirt under your sofa or bed. Its 3-point cleaning system can also eliminate even the most stubborn dirt.

Other top features on this Eufy RoboVac 11 vacuum cleaner include the scratch resistant tempered glass cover, the infrared sensor, and the drop-sensing tech.

Final Thoughts

Well-cleaned floors, carpets, and rugs are essential for anybody who wants to eliminate allergens, dust, and any other debris from their interior space.

The Roomba 650 is a low-profile robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans all types of floors.

Besides cleaning all floors, Roomba 650 also cleans the hard to reach places under the couch and the bed, is easy to operate, and it recharges itself.

Based on its cleaning power, we recommend it to people who are sensitive to allergens like dust and pet hair. However, it might not be a good fit for individuals who want to clean large surface areas.​