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What Model Roomba Do I Have? How To Identify

Written by: Justin Micheal

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Which Roomba model do i have

Over the years, Roombas have changed a lot on the inside, but they have maintained a similar appearance on the outside.

That can make it hard to tell the many different Roomba vacuums apart and leaves us with the following question.

Question: What Model Roomba Do I Have?

Answer: The model number is located next to the left wheel on the bottom of the vacuum on all Roombas. On new Roomba vacuums, the serial number is located on the bottom of the vacuum where the dust bin is located.

If your Roombas was registered with iRobot, you can use the serial number to find additional information about your vacuum on the iRobot website.

It is pretty easy to determine which model you have based on the model and serial numbers found on the vacuum. You will need to know this information for Roomba troubleshooting, so read on to learn more about your Roomba’s model and serial number.

How To Find The Serial Number On iRobot Roomba

Locating the model number on any Roomba vacuum is straightforward. Follow the step-by-step directions bellows:

  1. Power off your Roomba vacuum
  2. Turn over the vacuum, so the wheels face up, and the front of the vacuum is facing away from you.
  3. Directly above the left wheel (on your right when the vacuum is positioned in the way described in #2) should be a 3 digit number printed on the vacuum

The serial number can be used to register or track an iRobot vacuum. It is found on a black and white sticker on your vacuum. The serial number is a barcode and 3 letters followed by a series of numbers.

If your vacuum is an older model (Dirt Dog, Create, or Roomba 400), the serial number is located in the battery compartment on the bottom of the vacuum. If your vacuum is any other model, the serial number is located in the recess for the dustbin.

Understanding The Roomba Model Number

This 3 digit number is the model number of the vacuum. The first digit refers to the series, and the following two digits are its model.

For Example:

Roomba Model Number = 980

This means the vacuum is from series 9 and is model 80.

Registering Your Roomba Model

When a Roomba is originally set up, it will prompt the owner to register it on the iRobot website using its serial number. This will link the Roomba to the owner’s account and allow them to track the vacuum, download updates for it, and follow its warranty.

Once registered, the owner’s account will show the vacuum’s model number and describe some of the features the vacuum has. Additionally, if the vacuum is sold or transferred to a new owner, the website will verify the vacuum’s model and authenticity.