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Roomba Black Friday Deals: Complete Guide

Written by: Justin Micheal

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Roomba Black Friday

Black Friday has the best deals of the year! Who doesn’t want to get a discount on their Roomba? We’ve compiled a list of all the best Roomba Black Friday Deals for you!

The next round of Black Friday deals are on November 24, 2023. Its online partner, Cyber Monday, is on November 27, 2023.

The top features that we considered for iRobot Roomba vacuums:

  • Does it come with a high-efficiency filter?
  • Can it tackle pet hair and hard floors?
  • Does it have good suction power and do automatic dirt disposal?
  • And most importantly, is the price tag a good deal?

Black Friday And Cyber Monday Roomba Deals

Here are the best Roomba deals from major retailers online:

Robot Vacuums On Amazon

Why Buy A Roomba On Black Friday And Cyber Monday?

Black Friday sales traditions in the United States used to refer to long lines of frantic shoppers stacking up at midnight to be the first to reach the department store toy department when the doors opened at 6 a.m.

Now, sales start online at midnight the Thursday before. Even if you don’t participate in the American holiday of Thanksgiving, you can still benefit from the discounts available on Black Friday.

Why Wait?

Of course, if your current vacuum has completely failed and you have to replace it, waiting probably isn’t an option.

If, however, you can limp along until November using our Roomba troubleshooting guide, you can enjoy a new vacuum for the Christmas holidays and enjoy the extra cash gained from getting the best price.

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The sales, of course, focus on gifts to give for the Christmas holiday. While a vacuum isn’t exactly a warm and fuzzy gift, it’s true that electronics are often heavily discounted during Black Friday weekend.

It’s also true that retailers know that many holiday shoppers are also looking to treat themselves during their holiday shopping. We are expecting some great Black Friday Roomba deals, but nothing is guaranteed.

What Types Of Deals To Expect?

Not only is Black Friday a great day to shop, but the deals don’t end on Friday.

Some retailers hold out and put new items on special on Super Saturday or offer another set of Roomba Cyber Monday deals.

It’s critically important to determine the Roomba deals you’re interested in and that you choose the model that’s best for your needs before you start checking prices.


If you know the exact model you want, consider adding this to your “wish” or “watch” list on multiple websites.

The behemoths of online shopping are making brick-and-mortar retailers anxious, and stores such as Walmart, Target, and Kohl’s, just to name a few, are stepping up their game.

Even if you’re a dedicated online shopper, comparison shopping is critical for the best deal.

For those who are happy to try the latest model, check out the manufacturer’s website for up-and-coming models and features.

Product rollouts sometimes come with a bargain on the newest item on Black Friday, but older models will often be discounted on Cyber Monday.

Roomba Black Friday deals may include a great rollout price on new models such as the 690 and 890. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for!


While free shipping if you break a certain price point is becoming the norm, free returns are not.

Carefully review the fine print before buying anything from a new retailer; you may be charged back the “free” shipping fee if you return the item, as well as being charged for the return fees.

Extras And Bonuses

Check the contents of the box. Attachments, batteries, cleaning tools, a charging dock, and a few replacement filters should come with your Roomba.

However, if you’re buying a used item or a reconditioned unit, you may get an unpleasant surprise when you open the container.

If you’re confident in the product line and the vendor, check out any add-on suggestions.

For example, if you’re investing in a flooring washing unit and you can get a deal on the wet pads with your Roomba, grab them!

Also, extra filters can serve as a great add-on if you can get them at a discounted price. You’ll need them anyway, so why not spend a bit more now?

How To Prepare For The Latest Deals

Do Your Homework

You should study blogs like ours, follow tech articles, consumer guides, and comb over product reviews.

Black Friday, Super Saturday, and Cyber Monday bargains are often great money-saving days as well, but they don’t hang around.

If you’re really ready to buy, you can capitalize on a great deal as soon as it pops up.

Are you planning to shop on Amazon? Sean Cannell has a great video guide on sniping deals and recommends setting up an Amazon Prime account ASAP!

Make Sure Your Money Is Available

Set your budget. You can get a ballpark idea of how much you’ll need by reviewing the Black Friday bargains from 2016.

If you use a specific card to shop online, keep it near your computer before you start shopping. You can raise extra funds before the shopping season starts.

If money is tight around Christmas, consider having a pre-Black Friday sale of your own. You might be able to sell your old unit before the Thanksgiving holiday!

Have Accounts Ready

For those who have an account set up with particular online stores, go ahead and log in before you start shopping.

Your favorite online store is probably popular; you don’t want to lose a great deal because your login was timed out.

Having an account set up is a good practice anyway. You can opt out of assigning a credit card to your account if you prefer, but with an account, your purchases will be tracked, and new items that may appeal will be presented to you when you log in.

This may feel a bit like Big Brother Is Watching, but the benefits of e-commerce far outweigh that discomfort, particularly when you get a terrific robot vacuum at a great price while sipping coffee in your pajamas on a cold November morning!

Final Thoughts

Black Friday shopping used to be an on-the-ground, rather combative experience.

If you don’t have an account at your favorite online store, set one up. Consider linking a credit card to it just for the weekend to avoid delays.

Online opportunities have turned Black Friday and Super Saturday into great opportunities to save.