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How To Replace A Roomba Battery: Step By Step

Written by: Justin Micheal

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how to replace a Roomba battery

A Roomba’s battery life depends on how often it is used, but with proper care, your battery should last for about one to three years, depending on the model, before needing to be replaced.

If you notice that your Roomba isn’t running as long as it used to or not making as much progress in cleaning a room as it once did, then there might be something wrong with the battery!

In this guide, you will find the steps of replacing a Roomba battery so that you can get back to enjoying clean floors!

Step 1: Find A Replacement Battery

To find a replacement, you will need to know the model number of your Roomba. This is important for sizing and the type of battery that is required for your model.

Typically, older Roombas may have NiMH batteries, while newer models have Lithium-ion batteries. If you still have your manual kicking around, you’ll find that information there along with your model type.

Off-brand batteries are usually much cheaper than OEM replacements, but they may not work as well or run into issues down the line. Of course, you’ll lose support from iRobot if you aren’t using official hardware.

Once you have your battery replacement on hand, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Find The Battery Pack On Your iRobot Roomba

The Roomba battery pack is located under a panel on the bottom of your Roomba. You will need to remove this panel to access it.

Step 3: Remove Panel Screws

Using a Phillips head screwdriver, Take off the screws that hold the bottom panel in place and set them aside. The 700, 800, and 900 series have two screws, and the older series have 4.

If you have a Roomba from pre-2010, those models required you to have a special triangle-looking screwdriver. In our case, a Torx 6 worked well enough, although if the screws had been tighter, we might have started stripping the heads.

Step 4: Remove The Panel Carefully

Carefully remove the cover panel, being mindful of any side brushes. The 600 series will require you to remove the side brush before removing the panel.

Newer models have a small tab as part of the cover and will require you to lift slightly and pull out towards you, while older models just come straight off, again being careful not to break the side brushes.

Step 5: Remove The Old Battery

Once the cover has been removed, grab both tabs on top of the battery and lift it straight out.

Step 6: Insert The New Battery

Remove the new battery from its packaging.

For official batteries, you hold the two tabs of the battery with the iRobot logo facing up and then insert it into your Roomba. The process is similar to alternative batteries, but it’s best to check with the company you bought them from to avoid any confusion.

Because of their shape, Roomba batteries only go one way in, but surprisingly, some people have been known to force the wrong way and end up breaking their expensive investment.

Step 7: Replace Bottom Cover

Once the battery has been set into place, you can replace the bottom cover and any side brushes (if applicable).

Make sure the cover is flush, and everything looks as it should.

If you have any screws leftover, you will need to figure out where they go before continuing.

Step 8: Charge The Battery

Let your Roomba charge completely before putting it back to work.

Step 9: Put Your Roomba To Work

Now that you’ve got your battery replacement installed, it’s time to put your Roomba to work.

Keep an eye on it the first few times you run it to ensure that it is working correctly. If you notice any problems, you may need to contact iRobots customer support.

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