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5 Reasons Why Cats Love Riding Roombas

Written by: Justin Micheal

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cats on Roombas

Cats on Roombas? It’s a match made in heaven. A few years ago, someone had the genius idea to create an Internet-connected pet vacuum cleaner that would give cats some much-needed grooming time.

The result was the most purrfect invention for cat lovers: a Roomba!

Cats love riding around on these things because they feel like they are in charge of their destiny – which is something that our feline friends don’t often get to experience outside of their homes.

Our Favorite Roomba Cat Video

This video of a cat in a shark costume chasing a baby duck while riding a Roomba is the cutest thing ever!

But isn’t that going to affect the battery life of your Roomba? Many Roomba users indicate that there is minimal battery loss with the weight of a cat, though cats don’t appreciate getting knocked off when the Roomba slips under the bed.

Here are 5 reasons why cats like riding Roombas:

1. Something New To Explore

kitten looking at at a Roomba

Cat’s are curious animals, and when a new item is introduced to the household, they will usually investigate it for hours.

Just like when you buy a new couch or chair, and your cat starts to climb all over it, Roomba provides them with something new to explore.

curious cat pawing at a Roomba

We had a reader write to us about his experience. Dave said,

What is crazy is when a cat learns how to turn the unit on and off. How they learn this is beyond me. Turning on the unit could be seen as an accident just by the cat getting on it but not turning off when it’s done riding. Was Roomba invented by a cat?

I guess we could ask iRobot if there is a furry mastermind behind the scenes!

2. Soothing Noise And Vibrations

Cats dislike sharp noises, but a Roomba’s noise is consistent, and the vibrations are soothing to them.

Cats also love the feeling of being in a small confined space, which is what they feel when riding Roomba around.

While cats purr when they’re contented, they generally don’t care for rattling or bouncing around.

If you’ve ever traveled with a cat over long distances, you’ll note that most of them don’t care for the car; vibration and motion can cause nausea in pets.

Luckily the Roomba doesn’t get close to the speed limit.

3. The Hunting Advantage

When your cat is perched on top of a Roomba, it gives them a perfect vantage point to watch all other animals in the house.

This is an excellent way for them to hunt prey while not being too active themselves, which may be suitable for older cats that are slowing down as they age.

5. A Warm Roomba Is Perfect For Sleeping On

Roomba robot vacuums get warm, which is great for cats that like to sleep in the same spot all day.

Combine warmth and vibrations for a perfect spot to snuggle up in and take a nap.

Tips If Your Cat Hates Your Roomba

Teaching The Roomba Who Is The Boss

teaching kitten to sit on robot vacuum

When you first fire up your Roomba, please don’t leave it alone with your pets. Sit down with your cat, preferably on the floor, and start up the Roomba.

When it bumps you, push it away. It will happily wobble off to vacuum elsewhere. When it comes back, push it again. Hopefully, your cat will also learn to bat it away or even sit on it, which is a position of dominance and power.

In essence, running away is power and sitting on the Roomba is ownership.

Another option is to use a stern voice with your Roomba. Talk to it sharply in the presence of your pets, and then change your voice to a soothing tone as you cuddle them and let them know it will be OK.

Conquering Roomba Phobia

It’s important to get a handle on any fear your pet has of the Roomba. If your cat really takes a disliking to it, it may urinate on it.

Don’t force your cat to befriend your Roomba. Instead, make the Roomba’s presence as unobtrusive and non-threatening as possible by turning it off when not in use or using a timer to turn it on briefly every now and then.