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Omega Paw Roll & Clean Litter Box Review

Fans of indoor cats face a daily love/hate relationship. They love their cats, but hate the litterbox.

While many electric self-cleaning litter boxes are available, not every litter box storage area offers power.

The Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box is a manual cleaning method that requires no scooping.

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Pewter

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In this omega paw cat litter box review we will look at its unique design to help you decide if this unit is a good fit for you and your furry friend.​

Features & Specifications

How Does the Omega Paw Litter Box Work?

While many automatic litter boxes require a power source to sweep and store waste, the Omega Paw can easily be cleaned in a setting without electrical access.

The designer of this clever unit demonstrates it in this Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box video.

The Omega Paw is a covered litter box with a rounded side and a square side. This unit is built to be rolled onto the rounded edge until it’s upside down, and then return it to the bottom.

You may need to tilt it to the square side just to level out the litter. There’s a tray in the upper right hand corner of the front of the litter box that catches clumped litter and solid waste. Draw out the tray and dump and you’re done.

Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box: Large Vs Regular

Cats generally do not like carriers, and except for the opening on the front, covered litter boxes can look an awful lot like a cat carrier.

If you have a carrier and a standard litter box that will fit inside it, consider lining the carrier with a plastic trash bag and placing the litter box inside.

If your cat is happy to use the litter box inside the carrier, they’ll probably use the Omega Paw. If not, consider another automatic litter box with an open design.

Size & Floor Space

The Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box dimensions are fairly standard; the large is about a two foot cube; the regular is a bit smaller.

It should be noted that the opening of the regular litter box is fairly small.

Again, if your cat doesn’t like to be contained, this litter box may not be a good investment.

However, you can leave the pan open for the comfort of your cat and just attach the top for rolling and cleaning.​


Once it’s got a bed of litter, it will be fairly heavy, but you never need to lift it. Just roll it over slowly, tap it, and roll it back slowly.

Once you’ve shaken out the remaining litter to an even layer, you can pull the draw tray and discard the clumps and solid waste.​

Covered Pan​

While some cats are more comfortable in a covered pan litter box, others hate the confinement. If your cat doesn’t care for covered spaces, consider an Omega Paw large roll ‘n clean litter box.

While this design is intended for multiple cats, it may come in handy to keep your single cat comfortable in using the litter box.​

How Do I Convince My Cat To Use The Covered Box?

If you’re getting protest piles at the edge of the litter box, try the following:

  1. Leave the lid off and only use it for rolling and cleaning.
  2. Make sure you don’t change litter when you change the style of the litter box. Also, add a bit of clean (though not completely fresh) litter from the old pan to convince your cats of their new location.
  3. Consider getting the largest unit to make sure your cat has plenty of space.​


If your cat is a scratcher and a coverer, you’re in luck. This unit requires a fairly deep bed of litter to function well and keep the urine clumps loose and moving easily.

No Scooping!

Thanks to the rolling mechanism, you don’t have to lift the litter, just roll it.

The Omega Paw offers a low-touch way to clean your cat’s litter box. By carefully rotating the box to the correct angle, you can tidy up after your cat with less handling of waste, both solid and liquid.

Odor Control

The covered design reduces the amount of litter that’s exposed to the open air. This cover will limit the amount of odor that can escape into your home if your cat is not a coverer.

Litter Restrictions

You’ll need to use clumping litter for this tool.

Be aware that many clumping litters are chemically treated for odor control and may contain allergens that can be problematic for you or your cat.​


Draw Tray ChallengesThe cleaning process involves rolling the tray to the rounded side and returning it flat. In this process, the solid waste and clumped litter will be trapped in a draw tray at the right hand side of the front of the litter box.

Should this tray become overloaded or jammed, getting it out of the litter box may be a challenge.

Gloves are probably a good idea to protect yourself, and a plastic face mask may not be a bad investment, particularly if the clay litter irritates your respiratory system.

The Dangers of “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

Urinary tract issues are fairly common in our feline friends, particularly older cats. If your cat is having pain when urinating, a covered litter box can make that hard to notice.

Cats seldom let you know when they’re unwell and can appear just fine when they’re quite sick. It’s important to monitor what your cat leaves in the litter box to make sure they’re healthy, so keep an eye on what you draw out of the Omega Paw.​

Final Thoughts

While a basic pan will work fine for most cats, this box can be a great help if you hate scooping or can’t lift a full pan of litter.

This unit needs no power and can be used in any setting by simply rolling it to the side, returning it flat and dumping the waste.

No Omega Paw cat litter box review would be complete without a reminder to monitor the litter for signs of kidney problems. Strong urine or very dark urine is an indication of illness. Here’s to healthy cats!​