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Neato XV-21 Review – Pet & Allergy Vacuum

The Neato XV-21 is a robot vacuum insofar as it can be programmed to clean your house while you’re away or busy with something else.

  • Pet & Allergy (HEPA Filter)
  • Large Dust & Dirt Bin
  • Automatic Charging
  • Cleans All Types Of Flooring

However, the XV-21 offers pet owners and allergy sufferers the chance to enjoy more than a standard vacuum job as you’ll find out in our Neato XV21 review.

Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

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This unit is larger and more powerful, offering better pick up of dust and debris and more hopper space for pet hair.

Features & Specifications

HEPA Filter​

You can add a HEPA filter to your Neato pet vacuum for even more air cleaning power. This filter should be changed every month or two. It can be cleaned with another vacuum, but not washed according to the Neato Filter Guide.

If you’re in a pinch you might consider washing the filter and allowing it to dry before reinserting it. You can check out a video here with details.​ We don’t recommend this since it can affect the effectiveness of the filter and not provide proper filtration.

May Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Allergy sufferers may find relief in a home cleaned with the Neato XV-21 pet & allergy automatic vacuum cleaner.

This robot vacuum offers multiple brushes build to dislodge pet hair and dander from carpets and draw up dust and hair thanks to the extreme suction power.

Cleans In Rows

While many robot vacuums are round tools that travel in a rather haphazard pattern to clean your floors, all of the Neato pet vacuum products are square on one edge and round on the other end.

This makes them ideally suited for picking up hair from corners, and they have an easy time backing out of difficult corners.

Banging​ Against Objects

This larger unit still works by motion sensor, but it will have more force behind it should it clunk into your belongings. Use the magnetic strips provided around areas you don’t want Neato to travel through to reduce scuffs.

Roller Maintenance​

The Neato pet and allergy robotic vacuum offers a roller designed to tackle pet hair. Though the unit requires less maintenance than many robot vacuums thanks to the large dust bin, this roller will need cleared of pet hair.

Self Charges And Returns Home On Its Own

The Neato XV21 also offers laser guided cleaning and a definitive pattern when assessing and tidying up any room in your house.

This unit returns to the charging base when it feels power start to wane, and will let you know if it suffers any jams or if the hopper should get full of dirt and hair.​

Note: It’s best to keep the charging station away from objects that could interfere with the robots docking procedure.​

Should the Neato get lost, stuck or otherwise unable to move, it will chirp, beep and wail until you find it and move it back to the charger. If there’s something amiss, you’ll know quickly.

Large Dirt Bin

Thanks to its extended height compared to standard units, the Neato XV-21 offers much more dirt capacity. It’s easy to clean and self protecting; should the XV-21 pick up debris it can’t vacuum up, it will eject it and continue on its way.

Because it’s less hassle to clean, you may forget to maintain this machine. It’s a very good idea to get in the habit of dumping the dust bin every other day.

You’ll get a more efficient vacuuming result when the machine isn’t working so hard.

The Neato XV-21 robotic vacuum offers more space within the body of the unit for a larger dust bin and more suction power thanks to the hearty mower. This unit works by brushing your carpets, sweeping up pet hair, and then cycling away the dust and debris.

Terrain​ & Magnetic Barriers

The XV-21 is heavier by far than standard robotic vacuums.

This unit will not get hung up on thresholds and carpet edges; it has the heft to roll over such encumbrances and keep on cleaning!

You can create a magnetic barrier to keep the Neato out of certain areas, such as around chairs or under tables.

Additionally, if you don’t want the Neato near your office or television watching area, the magnet strips only need laid near the doorway.

Neato Boundary Markers, 13 Feet, Compatible with all Neato Robot Vacuums

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​Size & Weight

While most robot vacuums can easily travel under the furniture and up against cabinets, this unit is 5.5 inches / 14 centimeters tall.

You may need to sweet under cabinets manually or move furniture for those spaces. However, it’s thanks to this extra height that you have the additional trash bin space.

This unit is heavier than the standard robotic vacuum, but it’s also more durable and has more power. If extreme lifting limitations prohibit you from purchasing this Neato, consider the smaller yet powerful D80 or Botvac Connected.​

Q&A – Our Top Questions Answered

What if Neato avoids certain areas?

You may need to rearrange some furniture; the sensors must be reading some sort of hazard in the area it’s avoiding. Or lay down magnet strips to corral the robot vacuum into the trouble spots and review what’s she’s doing.

Does it work on ceramic?

Neato works on all forms of flooring, including hardwoods, ceramic, polished concrete and carpet. Throw rugs and thresholds are also easily crossed by the XV-21.

I have rugs with fringes. Can the Neato clean them?

It’s a good idea to roll up fringed rugs so they’re not damaged by the Neato rollers. This will protect you from finding your fringes damaged or torn away.

What if Neato doesn’t make it back to the charging plate?

Be sure to reduce the placing of obstacles in front of the charging plate, or worse yet, an obstacle course.

The Neato plots the space of the area to be cleaned, so if the path back to the charging plate is too difficult to follow, your Neato XV-21 pet & allergy automatic vacuum cleaner may lose its place and leave you with an incomplete clean.

What about tangles of hair?

Because the XV-21 does an excellent job of picking up hair, you’ll need to monitor the condition of the rollers every time you empty the dust bin to be sure you don’t have a hair clog forming.​

Final Thoughts

No Neato XV-21 review would be complete without pointing out that this unit can only work one story of your house at a time. While they can’t climb stairs, they can help freshen and clean your home.​

Robot vacuums are becoming less expensive all the time and many of us look forward to owning one of these products. They may be an excellent cleaning tool for pet owners in particular.