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Best Automatic LitterMaid Models & Reviews

LitterMaid litter boxes are ideal tools for single or multi-cat households. These units automatically rake and contain clumps of litter and solid waste to save pet owners the mess of having to scoop.

These self-cleaning litter boxes are available in simple classic uncovered style or with an additional cover to reduce odor and give your cat a little privacy.

LitterMaid Model Reviews & Comparison

Model# of Cats & Ideal SizesPower
LitterMaid 680C1 Cat or Cats Under 15 lbsElectrical Plug
LitterMaid Elite Mega 9000Extra Large CatsElectrical Plug / Batteries
LitterMaid LM5801 Cat or Cats Under 15 lbsElectrical Plug / Batteries
LitterMaid LM980 MegaMulti-Cat / Cats Over 15 lbsElectrical Plug / Battery Backup

LitterMaid 680C Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

LitterMaid LM680C Automatic Self-Cleaning Classic Litter Box (LM680C)

The LitterMaid M680C works with any clumping litter. After your cat has used the litter box, an automated rake passes through the box to scoop clumps and solid waste into the capture container at the front of the litter box.

As the rake returns to the back of the box, the capture container closes to contain odors.

This box has a step-in ramp to make entering the box easier for your cat and will cut down on tracking of litter.

This unit also features a sensor to stop the raking mechanism should your cat re-enter the box at any point.

LitterMaid Elite Mega 9000 Series

LitterMaid LME9000 Elite Mega Advanced Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The LitterMaid Elite Mega 9000 is ideal for extra-large cats. Many automatic litter boxes are unable to carry the weight of larger cats which makes this unit ideal.

If you decide to add another cat to the household, you don’t need a new litter box. Additionally, the larger box will give your cat comfort when you do add the cover.​

When in doubt, go big! The LM9000 series and corresponding cover with rubberized mat is an ideal choice for cats of any size.

The LitterMaid cover kit is designed to fit on top of any of the LitterMaid 9000 series litter boxes. The kit includes several tools to reduce odor and provide your cat some privacy.

While the 9000 series litter boxes offer a raking capability, adding this kit will​:

  • Provide a cover for your cat with a curved plastic shield that fastens to the sides of the 9000 LitterMaid boxes.
  • Reduce odor by adding a carbon filter that can be changed when necessary.
  • Provide a carpet for the litter box to reduce the amount of litter your cat tracks through your home.
  • Give you four more waste receptacles for the raking mechanism.

LitterMaid LM580 Self-Cleaning Litter Box

LitterMaid LM580 Classic Series Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Single-Cat (LM580)

The LitterMaid LM580 is a terrific litter box for a single cat.

The cleaning cycle of the 580 includes a timer that notes when the cat enters the box, and ten minutes after the cat has left the litter box, the rake mechanism clears away the clumped litter and solid waste.

The forward mechanism of the litter box rake places waste inside the covered receptacle; the backward mechanism closes the waste receptacle and rakes through the remaining clean litter.

Feature & Model Comparison

Each of the LitterMaid units available features the timed raking mechanism as demonstrated in this video.

Please note that this video shows the box in action with no litter in it; obviously, your cat will need litter to use the box. The greatest differences between the 580, the 680C and the Mega 9000 line relate to size.

Both the LM580 and the 680C are ideal for single cats of no more than 15 pounds / 7 kilos each.

Each of these units offer the timed raking so critical to reducing odor from waste left exposed. Additionally, both of these units feature high sides to reduce the amount of litter scattered on your floors by an overzealous cat.

However, should you have a multi-cat household or have your own Mega cat, the Mega line of litter boxes and the previously mentioned cover would be an ideal fit.

The LitterMaid Elite Mega tent and filtration system can save you time, odor and effort.

The cover offers another chance to filter out odors that can make your home unpleasant thanks to the replaceable charcoal filter fixture on the tent.​

It should be pointed out that while the cover can keep the air in your home fresher, not all cats appreciate entering a covered litter box.

If you’re introducing your cat to a LitterMaid litter box for the first time, give them some time to adjust to the configuration before you add the cover.

If you notice protest piles or puddles, remove the cover for a while and set it on the floor near the litter box so the cat becomes comfortable with the item, then add it back to the litter box when their bathroom behavior goes back to normal.

Best Litter For LitterMaid​

best clumping cat litter

As previously stated, the best litter for LitterMaid litter boxes is whatever clumping litter your cat can safely use.

Many clumping litters use fragrances or have other chemicals in the blend that can cause an allergic reaction in you or your pet.

Should you find a clumping litter both you and your cat can use without suffering skin or respiratory allergic responses, you can use it in any of the LitterMaid litter boxes.​

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Making Your Final Selection

As many cat owners know, the final choice will be made by Miss or Mister Kitty themselves.

Should your cat have a bad experience with the raking mechanism, an allergic reaction to the litter, or reject the unit with the cover on it, you may have a mess to clean up.

Over time, your cat may lose interest in using the litter box at all.

The best plan when changing litter boxes is to give the cat time to become familiar with the new unit. Place it near the existing litter box and load it with the same litter as you currently use.

  • For the first few days, leave the LitterMaid unplugged so the rake will not start up and frighten your cat. Continue to scoop as usual.
  • If your cat shows no interest in the new box, add a bit of old but clean litter from the old box to the new. Eventually, you should be able to get rid of the old box.​

Finally, the ultimate goal when choosing a new litter box is to keep your cat healthy and happy. No LitterMaid automatic litter box reviews count for more than the health and well-being of your pet.

Carefully monitor their waste for any strong or foul-smelling urine clumps, as this can indicate serious illness.