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ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

The ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a very low profile robot vacuum with multiple cleaning steps and cleaning programs.

The unit features two sweeping brushes to pick up dust and debris as well as a bristle bar to agitate carpet.

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Strong Suction, over 100mins Run time, Self-charging, Slim, Quiet, Ideal for Hard Floors to Medium Carpets

Once fully charged, this helpful vacuum will work to clean your carpet, hardwood or tile floors for up to two hours with no need to recharge.

As the battery starts to get low, it will self-dock and recharge as needed. You can program this vacuum to work while you do and come home to clean floors!

Features & Specifications


There are 3 main differences between the A4 and A4S. The A4S excels in the following ways:

  1. Mini-room mode helps the vacuum be more efficient in smaller rooms.
  2. Upgraded bearings and brush help prevent tangles which results in better efficiency and reduces the need for more power.
  3. The run time is also extended due to better overall programming.



Bearing System



Run Time




110 mins. – 120 mins.




120 mins. – 140 mins.

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Multiple Cleaning Modes

What if I don’t want to clean the whole floor right now?

The ILIFE A4 series offers three cleaning modes:

  1. Spot Mode – If you’ve got a specific spot that needs cleaning, simply place your robot on the spot, select spot mode and watch it clean in an expanding spiral.
  2. Edge Mode – If your baseboards need special attention, turn on edge mode and your A4 will run along the perimeter of your house.
  3. Auto Mode – For a full clean, set your A4 to auto mode.

This vacuum would be an ideal choice for anyone with small children; little messes can be dealt with manually in spot mode and the whole floor can be addressed in auto mode.

If your household includes a crawling child, you can be comfortable and confident that your floor will be free of debris, dirt and pet hair.​

Three Step Cleaning System

The ILIFE A4S offers three powerful gathering tools for dirt and dust. This tool offers two sweeping brushes to collect and draw dirt, dust and pet hair into the hopper.

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Strong Suction, over 100mins Run time, Self-charging, Slim, Quiet, Ideal for Hard Floors to Medium Carpets

No matter what your floor is made of, this unit will collect debris with the sweeper brushes and draw dust with the help of the bristle brush.

It also features a powerful beater bar under the vacuum to agitate dust from your carpet and carry it away.

If your home features hardwood and rugs in combination, you’re all set. This unit will move smoothly from hard surfaces to carpet and back again, sweeping away dust and capturing pet hair and debris from both surfaces.​

HEPA Filter Built Right In

Can this robot vacuum help with allergies and dust?

For those with sensitivities to dust, this robot vacuum can clean the air as well as your carpets by filtering out dust particles in the HEPA filter.

It’s recommended that you clean the filter every time you vacuum with the brush provided and change your HEPA filter monthly for best results.

The ILIFE A4 comes with a replacement HEPA filter and filter cleaning brush.​

Automatically Recharges

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Strong Suction, over 100mins Run time, Self-charging, Slim, Quiet, Ideal for Hard Floors to Medium Carpets

The ILIFE A4S robot vacuum charges quickly and automatically. Be certain to set the charging station in a spot with plenty of clearance and away from any stairs.

Per the ILIFE A4 manual, run the first charging session overnight so your robot has plenty of time to power up.

Once charged, you’ve got two hours of cleaning power. Then your A4S will dock on its own and re-charge; you’ll need to give it a couple of hours for that.​

Plenty of Quiet Power

Many users program this unit to run overnight in their living areas and find it doesn’t disrupt their sleep. There is a max cleaning mode that increases motor power if needed; the vacuum will be louder in max mode.

Thanks to the programming capabilities, you can come home to a clean and silent house. It should be noted that this tool can be disruptive while in max mode if you’re trying to watch television or listen to music in the same space.​


Once your A4 is charged and you’ve settled on a cleaning mode, you just need to program your vacuum to run at your preferred times. Follow the manual to set the cleaning times and this unit programs easily.

If you notice your ILIFE A4S getting stuck or staying in one place for long stretches, it may be in spot cleaning or spiral mode.​

Easy to Clean and Empty

How much maintenance does it need? You will need to empty the dust box and clean the HEPA filter after each use for maximum power and cleaning benefit.

Monthly, you’ll need to clean the front wheel housing and the bristle brush, as well as clearing the bristle brush axle. This cleaning process takes only a screwdriver and a little time, but will have tremendous benefits.

The ILIFE A4s is loaded with sensors that keep the unit from bumping into your possessions (and pets) and protect it from falling down the stairs. For the unit to work safely and efficiently, these sensors need to be kept clean.

The HEPA filter also needs replaced monthly per the instructions. It’s important to note that many users use their HEPA filter for longer than one month; the decision is up to you.

If chronic allergies are a concern, replacing it monthly is probably to your advantage, and the A4S comes with an extra HEPA filter.​

The Competition

The world of robot vacuums is expanding rapidly. While Roomba has been around for a long time, other brands such as Neato Robotics, Samsung, bObsweep and Miele have their champions and are increasing the competition pressure.

One of the main selling points for the ILIFE A4S is the very low profile.

This tool will clean your floors and can easily travel under furniture thanks to its height of less than 3 inches.

It’s extremely easy to program and can spot clean as well as whole house clean.

The ILIFE line of products is generally lighter than many other robot vacuums.

The sensors on this unit are especially sensitive; many users note that their ILIFE A4S maneuvers well around stubborn cats.

It’s important to note that many users find the willy-nilly cleaning pattern of many robot vacuums rather off-putting. It’s true that your upright vacuum will leave stripes in your carpet for a time, while your robot vacuum pattern does not include straight lines.

Final Thoughts

When robot vacuums first can on the market, the price kept many interested shoppers from investing in these tools. Time, technological advancements and competition have done a great job in bringing the price down.

At the end of the day, we all would love the chance to kick back and re-charge or take a break instead of dragging out the vacuum cleaner. You work all day. Why not purchase a vacuum that will work while you do?​

Did you enjoy this guide? Let us know in the comments what you think about the ILIFE A4S robot vacuum cleaner and your robotic vacuum experiences.​