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Cat Mate C50 Review For Cats & Small Dogs

The Cat Mate C50 automatic pet feeder is a round tool that rotates to deliver fresh food to your pet at a defined time.

The bottom of it is loaded with ice packs that keeps the food fresh.

This unit will provide your pet with the right amount of food at the right time to help avoid over-feeding, choking and vomiting.

Cat Mate C50 Automatic Pet Feeder

Cat Mate C50 Automatic Pet Feeder

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Features & Specifications

Can you use it for other pets besides cats? This is a terrific tool for any pet that tends to eat too quickly or overeat in general. Of course medium to large size dogs may require more food than the Cat Mate C50 is able to hold.

Puppies are very prone to gorging themselves until they’re sick, so a timed feeding tool can protect them from that hazard.

However, it’s important to remember that puppies will need more frequent supervision for bathroom breaks.


The Cat Mate C50 is 12 inches / 30.5 cm in diameter and has a battery port and a timer. Once you add the ice packs to the bottom tray, this tool is probably too heavy for a house cat to flip.

If you have a sumo kitty that is prone to destructive behavior, consider starting with dry food to make sure they can’t tip the feeder.

Design issues have occurred with the location of the battery. If your cat is prone to playing with their food bowl, be prepared to tape the battery port closed so they don’t accidentally turn off the feeder!​

Clean Up

The food bowls are dishwasher safe, so if you use wet cat food, this tool is especially easy to clean up.

Spare bowls can be purchased, but they don’t come with the unit. These bowls clean up quickly and are easy to reload.​

Timer Function

The timer can be set to a minimum of four hours to start and six hours for the next feeding. If you have a cat that needs feeding more than once or twice a day, a timed feeding tool can be an ideal way to keep your cat healthy.

If your cat needs to eat more frequently than that, this is not the tool for you. Other Cat Mate products can be set for shorter time frequencies.​

Additionally, if you have other pets that enjoy cat food more than their own food, this timed feeding option can be an ideal choice to make sure you preserve the cat food specifically for the cat.

The timer can be a little touchy for the pet owner to learn to set. It’s a good idea to run the unit while you’re home and check to make sure it’s opening when you expect it to open.​

Easy to Set Up​

The Cat Mate C50 pet feeder makes it easy for people who work full time to feed their pets on a regular schedule. This tool is ideal for pets who tend to gorge on any available food and then get sick.

Cat Mate C50 Automatic Pet Feeder

While no pet should be left alone for very long stretches of time, this tool can help you feed your pets even when you can’t be home.

Per the Cat Mate C50 video, the set up is quite simple.

  1. Freeze the Cat Mate c50 ice packs and place them in the bottom of the feeder.
  2. Install the AA batteries as directed.
  3. Load food into each of the food bowls in the disc.
  4. Place the lid over the food bowls and set the timer.
  5. At the designated time, the feeder will rotate and fresh food will be accessible.​

Feeding & Food Safety

This feeder makes it easy to keep canned food hygienic and safe for your pet which you can load once a day.

If your cat needs two cans of food per day, this can become a quick, daily habit of filling the food dishes, loading the ice packs and setting the timer.

This feeder will take care of delivering fresh, moist food to your pet on a regular schedule.​

Wet canned food is a necessity for many pets that have dental or digestive issues, but wet food sitting out for a long time can grow bacteria, and may produce an off-putting odor. The ice packs keep wet food safe!

Food stays safely covered. Many creatures enjoy pet food, including roaches and rodents. With pet food safely covered, mice will not stop to stock up from your pet’s food bowl.​

How long do the ice packs last?

The base of the feeder is uninsulated, so the ice packs are only good for between four and six hours. However, you can use one for overnight and one for daytime and keep the food consistently cool.

If you buy the extra bowls, you can also load them and refrigerate them before adding them to the feeder during your daily set up time.​

Final Thoughts

While many pets can self-monitor their food intake, some animals seem to have no “full” switch and will eat until they’re sick. If your cat can’t self-regulate, consider a Cat Mate C50 for their health and your peace of mind.

You may also want to consider a pet camera to keep a close eye on them.​

Additionally, cats with stomach conditions or diabetes will need frequent feedings to maintain their health. You can feed dry or wet food with this unit and keep their food fresh and cool.