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Cat Genie 120 Self-Flushing Cat Box Review

If you’re in love with the idea of owning a cat but can’t handle litter due to health concerns, the Cat Genie 120 may be an ideal option.

CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box (Non-A.I. Model)

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This unit flushes away cat waste with a simple water hookup and access to a standard household.

This unit works for multiple cats. Cat Genie reviews indicate many cat owners have up to three pets using this cat box.​

In this cat genie review we will cover the unique abilities of the Cat Genie 120 and how it may benefit you and your kitty cat.

Features & Specifications

Easy To Set Up

The Cat Genie has two hoses to hook up, one to fill the bowl with fresh water and one to carry away the finely chopped waste to the toilet bowl or washing machine drain.

This will not impact your use of the toilet; the hose slips in under the seat.

Cat Genie Litter​

Traditional cat litter can be a nuisance for some and a hazard to others.

Anyone with allergies to cats, dust or certain fragrances should not handle cat litter, nor should pregnant women.

The Cat Genie requires a special litter, which comes with the tool.

CatGenie Washable Granules

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You’ll need to replace the litter gradually as some does get flushed out with each washing, but you can purchase extra litter with the Sanisolution cleaning cartridges.​

The CatGenie litter pellets are quite lightweight.

While this makes the cleaning process simpler, if your cat is an enthusiastic digger, you may have litter scattered everywhere.

The CatGenie 120 dome​ purchased separately can help contain the mess.

CatGenie GenieDome

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How much litter do you add?

There’s a fill line on the Genie and the amount of litter necessary is included in the CatGenie 120 manual.

Take care not to overfill the bowl; it will not dry properly and your cats won’t appreciate that.​

If possible, use a rubberized mat under the Genie to collect the scattered litter, or be ready to sweep often.​

Sanisolution Is Critical

CatGenie SaniSolution Cartridge Fresh Scent

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This unit will not run if the Sanisolution runs out. Keep an extra cartridge available and change it immediately and this will not be a problem.​

Cat Genie Litter Is Good For Multiple Washings

The litter to be used with your Cat Genie is actually a biodegradable plasticized pellet that will tolerate several washings, so you can simply add a bit of new litter any time it gets low.

There’s no need to replace the entire bowl’s worth of litter.


The CatGenie self-washing cat litter box offers a fully mechanized way to remove clumps of urine and solid cat waste from the round litter bowl. First, the bowl spins while a scoop descends to clear away solid waste.

Once solid waste has been scooped away, the bowl fills with water and the litter required with the Cat Genie supplies is flushed, and then dried with warm air supplied by the blower motor.

Your Cat Genie tool will need access to fresh water and will need to drain via hookup to your toilet or your washing machine drain line.

Only CatGenie Sanisolution litter chemical treatment and granules can be used with this tool; clay based litters will clog your sewer lines.

Not all cats deliver tidy, scoopable solid waste. If your cat has a loose stool, it may not all get washed out in the water filling and draining cycle, which means it will be baked during the warm air cycle.

If odor control is your goal, you may be disappointed in this instance.​

The volume of water that’s used to clean the Genie should trigger the auto flush on your toilet. It may leave the water level low, but not dirty.​

Automatic Timer

The Cat Genie 120 is programmable and will work for multiple cats. You can set it to run at various points after your cat has used it, or start it manually at bedtime and wake to a freshly cleaned litter box.

The cleaning cycle takes approximately 35 minutes from start to flush.

If your cat can’t wait that long, you may find messes near your litter box or elsewhere.​

For the Cat Genie to work properly, it needs to chop solid cat waste into very fine slurry and flush it up through a small hose into your toilet or through your washing machine drain line.

Any blockages in this process will result in an unpleasant mess.​

Cat Genie Replacement Parts

Your Cat Genie comes with a two year limited warranty, so be sure to contact the manufacturer with any issues you have during that warranty time.

There are a few replacement parts available on the website, but if you need to replace a heating element or the spinning mechanism, you’ll probably need to send it back to the manufacturer for a replacement or repair.

Other Important Information

The Cat Genie comes with guidelines for introducing your cat to their new litter box. No matter which litter box you choose, the health and well-being of your cat is critical.

Be aware that, should your cat have sensitivity to the litter, the cleaning solution, or just not care for the round bowl, they may avoid this litter box. This can lead to discomfort for your cat and messes for you.

Additionally, many illnesses suffered by cats manifest in their waste, particularly their urine. Keep an eye on their litter box habits and pay attention to any dark or strong-smelling urine, as this can indicate disease.

Final Thoughts

Cats can be a wonderful addition to your home, but litter boxes aren’t always welcome.

If your cat is litter box trained, be sure to introduce them to the Cat Genie Self Flushing Cat Box gradually and allow for some curious disdain. As they become acclimated to the tool, it may be best to block them from the area for a time during the cleaning cycles.

Once your cats are Cat Genie trained, your litter box cleaning days may be over!