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The Best Smart Home Devices To Buy In 2021

Whether you own or rent your home or live in an apartment, you are sure to find that home maintenance can be a major drain on your time.

Luckily, today there are many brilliant robotic devices that can help you keep your home clean, safe and in good repair.

In this guide, we will introduce a few of the best smart home products on the market today that you can use to help simplify your life and automate your home.

1. Robotic Vacuums And Floor Scrubbers

Roomba robotic vacuums from iRobot were the first robotic vacuums, and since introduced several years ago a number of other companies have introduced their own varieties.

Nonetheless, iRobot remains the top company when it comes to the best robotic vacuums and floor scrubbers.

iRobot Roomba 981

iRobot Roomba 981 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connected Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Power Boost Technology, Black

The current top of the line in vacuums is the iRobot Roomba 981.

This is a great choice for homes with pets as its patented cleaning system is designed to remove clinging dirt and hair from smooth and carpeted surfaces.

Fully charged, the unit will run for an hour in a backwards and forwards pattern that is able to cover most rooms efficiently. The unit is small and effective and has very strong suction.

See our full Roomba 980 review for more details.

iRobot Scooba 450

iRobot Scooba 450 Floor Scrubbing Robot

For floor scrubbing, you can turn to the iRobot Scooba 450.

This scrubbing robot is specially designed to wash away nearly 100% of bacteria with very little effort from you.

The unit sweeps hard floors and pre-soaks them. Once this is done, it scrubs the floor and squeegees it.

This robotic floor scrubber can scrub for 20 minutes or 40 minutes depending on the the cycle you choose. It is able to handle most non-carpeted floor surfaces, but to see how it stacks up against a competing model check out our Scooba vs Braava comparison.

2. Automatic Window Cleaners

In addition to having your floors robotically cleaned, you can now have your windows machine scrubbed!


ECOVACS WINBOT W830, Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

The WINBOT W830 is a window cleaning robot that can clean windows with or without frames.

It is able to handle windows of any shape or size right out of the box as it comes packages with a squeegee and a pair of cleaning pads.

See our guide of the best window cleaning robots and options to consider.

3. Zone-Based Smart Thermostats

Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat

ecobee3 Smarter Wi-Fi Thermostat with Remote Sensor, 2nd Generation

The Ecobee3 Thermostat is Wi-Fi capable and compatible with Amazon Alexa. This smart thermostat has a sensor that allows it to be smart and sensitive.

It operates based upon information gathered from the unique energy profile of your home, outdoor weather conditions and numerous other points of data.

It is able to sense the location and number of people in the home and adjust temperature settings accordingly.

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Heating and cooling is usually the most costly home undertaking. When you use smart technology to make your HVAC system more efficient, you can save a great deal of money.

Zone-based thermostats allow you to set different temperatures in every room in your house. The system uses motion detectors that automatically activate zones as needed, turning the heat or A/C on or off as occupants leave and enter rooms.

The system can also be programmed to adjust the air temperature at various times of day, allowing you to save energy while you are away or asleep, yet still wake up to and arrive home to a comfortable house.

4. Smart Irrigation Controllers

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller, 16-Zone 2nd Generation, Alexa and Apple HomeKit Compatible with Rain, Freeze and Wind Skip

The Rachio is a smart irrigation controller that is Wi-Fi enabled.

You can keep your lawn watered without a care when you install this handy gadget.

It includes a wealth of intelligent design features that take all the guesswork out of watering your lawn correctly.

The system can create a personalized care schedule for your grass based on the season, the weather patterns and your location.

When you use this efficient, automatic watering device you can keep your grass looking its best while reducing your use of water. This saves resources and money.

Even if you happen to lose Internet connection, the unit will continue using the statistics it has stored to care for your lawn. It also allows you to use your Android device or iOS to control your sprinkler system.

5. Robotic Lawn Mowers

WORX Landroid Robotic Mower

WORX WG794 Landroid M Cordless Robotic Lawn Mower with Rain Sensor & Safety Shut-Off

The 28 volt WORX Landroid Robotic Mower is one of the best robotic lawn mowers that can make caring for your yard a breeze. The unit arrives fully programmed and ready to use right out of the box.

It is able to mow even challenging lawns because it can navigate narrow spaces, perform intricate cuts and maneuver up and down hills with angles up to twenty degrees.

The unit interacts with the environment, and it is able to make its way around obstacles thanks to a shock sensor system. If it starts to rain while the unit is mowing, or if the battery needs to be charged, it returns to its base.

6. Smart Plant Monitors

Parrot Pot

Parrot Pot - Smart, Connected Flower Pot - Black

The Parrot Flower Power is a wireless plant monitor that can care for your plants indoors or outdoors.

This unit is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It has a database of care instructions for over 6000 different types of plants.

With this device, you can stay up to date on the condition of your plants in real-time. Additionally, you can create to-do lists and alerts that will help you stay organized and on top of things.

7. Automatic Pool Cleaners

A well-designed robotic cleaner can save you time, money and effort. In our Aquabot reviews we concluded that the brand seems to be the most trusted of the companies producing robotic pool cleaners. However, the Dolphin Nautilus Plus is becoming one of our new favorites.

Aquabot ABREEZ4 X-Large Breeze

Aquabot ABREEZ4 X-Large Breeze with Scrubbers Robotic Pool Cleaner for Above-Ground and In-Ground Pools

This unit is very powerful and efficient and remarkably easy to use and to clean.

The Aquabot uses high-powered suction to completely remove hair, sand, dirt, debris, fine particles algae and bacteria from all pool surfaces.

The most important part of pool maintenance is cleaning. These days, there are three different types of automatic pool cleaners available. You can choose from:

  • Suction Side
  • Pressure Side
  • Robotic

Of these three, the robotic version is really the best option because it combines the capabilities of all three. A robotic pool cleaner runs on electricity. While it is cleaning, your pool filter can be turned off.

A robotic cleaner works by using suction, as opposed to water pressure. It is able to suck up all the debris and dirt from the floor of the pool.

8. Home Security Cameras

Netgear Arlo Q

Arlo (VMC3040-100NAS) Q – Wired, 1080p HD Security Camera | Night Vision, Indoor Only, 2-Way Audio | Cloud Storage Included | Works with Alexa (VMC3040), White

One of the most affordable and easiest to use IP cameras is the Netgear Arlo Q.

It offers many flexible options, solid software and a free cloud-storage.

Now you can watch your house every minute of the day and night no matter where you go using a small, independent, Wi-Fi enabled security camera (aka: IP camera).

This type of camera is very easy to set up, and you can stream video of your home to your personal computer, tablet or phone 24 hours a day.

Most of these cameras are equipped with motion-activated recording features and night vision and will alert you if a loud noise or motion is detected.

9. Smart Doorbells

With a smart doorbell, you can keep an eye on your door at all times.

SkyBell Wi-Fi Doorbell

SkyBell SH02300BZ HD WiFi Video Doorbell, Bronze

SkyBell Wi-Fi Doorbell is equipped with a motion sensor that activates a monitor whenever someone approaches the door – whether or not they ring the bell.

You will be able to see who is at the door whether you are home or away. When someone comes to your door, you will be able to see them, hear them and speak with them from indoors or from the other side of the world as long as you have an Internet connection.

You can also set your doorbell for peace, quiet and privacy by turning it off or changing its sound.​

10. Smart Garage Doors

You will never go off and leave the garage door open again once you’ve installed a smart garage door. If you get that nagging feeling that the door may be open, you can check it and close it using your smartphone.

You can also open it to allow access to others (e.g. your landscaper, a carpenter or other worker).

You can also connect your garage door with your GPS so that it can anticipate your arrival and open in advance.

Chamberlain Whisper Drive

Chamberlain Group B970T Chamberlain B970 Smartphone-Controlled Ultra-Quiet & Strong Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup and Max Lifting Power, Blue

One of the most highly recommended automated garage door openers is the Chamberlain Whisper Drive.

This unit is able to open and close even during power outage thanks to a strong backup battery.

It is equipped with motion sensors that turn lights on when motion is detected. Additionally, it will close itself if you forget to close it.

The unit also has an anti-burglary feature which changes the access code every time the remote control is used.