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Best RFID Wallet Reviews & Buying Guide

An RFID wallet or purse helps shield your credit cards and banks from remote reading.

Not only is identity theft an issue, but imagine being on vacation and not having access to your money.

When you try to pay for dinner or travel expenses and you are declined for insufficient funds, it can be terrifying.​

Travami - Front Pocket Wallets for Men - RFID Blocking Slim Leather Wallet

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In this guide you will learn about RFID protection and help you find the best RFID wallet, purse or passport in our RFID wallet reviews and comparison chart.

What does RFID stand for? Radio Frequency IDentification. An RFID chip stores data about the user and can be picked up by an RFID reader.

Top 10 : Best RFID Wallets, Purses and Passport Holders​

Brand & Model




Travel Smart by Conair

Passport Holder

Faux Leather

5.5″ x 4″

Zero Grid Neck Wallet

Travel Pouch & Passport Holder

210D Ripstop Nylon

7.5″ x 5.7″


Card Holder

Stainless Steel

3.9″ x 2.8″

Borgasets For Women

Zipper Purse

Genuine Leather

7.4″ x 3.6″

Privé Women’s Wallet


Geniune Leather

6.3″ x 4.3″

BRYK For Men & Women


Stainless Steel

3.7″ x 2.5″

Radix One Slim

Front Pocket Wallet


3.5″ x 2″

Alpine Rivers Sleeves



6.4″ x 4.1″

Venture 4th

Neck Pouch

Rip-Stop Nylon

5.5″ x 8″

Travelambo Minimalist

Front Pocket Wallet

Geniune Leather

3.3″ x 4.1″

RFID Blocking Products


Men’s wallets featuring RFID blocking material are extremely slim and designed to fit in a pocket just as a leather wallet would.

Obviously, these would need to be pulled during airport security scans and routed through the scanner tubs with your laptop and your shoes, but many men may already be doing this with their wallets.

Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet RFID Blocking Medium Size(Black Cros)

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If you carry this in a back pocket and are partial to snug jeans, be aware that some RFID wallets may not conform to the shape of your body over time.


Those who prefer to carry a small bag rather than a wallet will be pleased to know that there are several trim and close fitting over the shoulder RFID bags and purses available.

These purses will protect your chipped cards from malicious scanners and offer other security features as well, including straps with un-slashable cable cores.

Genuine Leather Wallet for Women Credit Card Holder Wallets Zipper Purse with RFID Blocking Black

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With an RFID purse over your shoulder, your data, phone, electronics and cash can be kept more secure.​

RFID Passport Holder

You can also protect your personal and financial data with a passport holder designed with space for everything.

Several passport folios now offer slots for credit cards and cash, and all of this important data can be stored securely, only to be scanned when you need it.​

Travel Smart by Conair RFID Blocking Passport Wallet, Black

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If you’ve got a purse, a bag or a wallet that’s working well and you want a bit more protection and peace of mind, there are several RFID blocking credit card sleeves and RFID passport holder inserts that you can add to your current data transport arsenal.

RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeves

Roomy and brightly colored, RFID credit card sleeves make locating your personal documentation easy.

Because the sleeves offer unique patterns in a variety of prints and colors, you can protect each card individually and keep using the purse or wallet of your choice.

How Does RFID Work?

A smart card with an RFID chip works with an RFID reader to create a one-time transaction. Because these cards have a unique chip rather than a magnetic stripe, they are harder to counterfeit.

Additionally, RFID technology was first put to use for EMV (EuroPay, MasterCard and Visa) transactions, and EMV data travels on near field communication wave lengths.

Picking up this data requires a very specific reader, further protecting your information.

Why Get RFID Protection?

Security experts have expressed concern that the data kept on a chipped card or passport could be scanned and stolen by anyone with the correct RFID receiver.

This could put the legitimate cardholder’s information at risk. RFID sleeves offer chip card holders protection against malicious RFID reading and data theft.

What Is RFID Blocking

An RFID blocking sleeve, wallet or purse denies thieves the chance to steal your data by blocking scanners from reading your card while it’s on your person or in your bag.

RFID blocking tools either completely deny those with the right card reader access to data, or allows out a partial and thus meaningless stream.

Do RFID Wallets Really Work?​

As smart card technology is designed to change security codes with each transaction, it should be noted that any smart card data that is successfully stolen from the cardholder can only be used for one transaction.

However, there are several cards that don’t transmit the card number during scans to protect and you may be able to get a card that is not RFID enabled from your card issuer.

How Well Do RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeves Work?

RFID shielding offers RFID card holders some protection against fraud, but it’s important to note that RFID readers can seldom pick up a complete data set from your chipped card due to extraneous interference.

Additionally, RFID theft or skimming is less problematic than other, more popular forms of credit card fraud.​

DIY RFID Protection

Does aluminum foil block RFID? Not consistently. If you’re considering protecting your data by doing your own RFID blocking with aluminum foil, consider the following:

  1. Individually wrapping your cards and unwrapping will be time consuming.
  2. You may tear the foil when unwrapping, which means you lose your shield and will need to try to recycle the leftover foil.
  3. Depending on how heavy the foil is, you may scratch the data transmittal field on your card. Most RFID cards still have the magnetic strip so they can be read via regular swipe.​

Final Thoughts​

One of the challenges for overseas travelers is that in addition to the risk of theft and fraud, some cards can fail in certain regions during critical periods of time.

It may be tempting to purchase cash cards for travel and skip credit cards altogether, but should your cash card not be accepted at your destination, you can be stuck.

Most international traveler experts recommend carrying two cards drawn from different issuers in case something should go wrong with one card; you can still cover hotel, food and any necessaries with the other card until the problem is cleared up.​

RFID protection may be a good investment; the products are not terribly expensive and can may you the headache of tracking down fraudulent charges. They aren’t perfect, but it’s a start!

However, the quality of RFID blocking products is not consistent. If possible, obtain a card without RFID capability.