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Best Pet Cameras For Dogs & Cats

Pet cameras are a terrific way to keep an eye on your pet when you can’t be home.

Some pet monitors offer you the chance to chat with your pet or give them treats remotely. With the right pet camera, you can dispense a treat for good behavior!

In this guide we will explore various models of pet monitoring cameras and their features to help you choose the best pet camera for you and your furry friend. We’ll also recommend options to consider in our pet camera reviews.

Top 10: Best Pet Cameras & Monitors​

Brand & ModelResolutionAudioSpecial Features
Petzi Treat Cam720p2-WayDispenses Treats
PetCube Play1080p2-WayNight Vision & Laser Toy
Furbo720p2-WayNight Vision & Bark Sensor

PetChatz HD

HD Video2-WayTreats & Calming Scents
Motorola Pet Scout66720p2-WayInfrared Night Vision & Motion triggered
Feed and Go320×240 Pixels1-WayPet Feeder
Dogtek Eyenimal600×400 Pixels1-WayLightweight Collar
Pawbo Life720p2-WayLaser Game & Treat Dispenser
Nest Cam1080p2-WaySnap Shots & Record Video
PetPal WiFiN/A2-WayPet Feeder

Why Get A Pet Camera?

Busy professionals often have to leave pets home alone for hours at a time. Tools such as the Petzi Treat Cam allow you to talk to your pet, monitor them visually, and treat them when they respond to your voice.

If you have pets suffering from separation anxiety, these tools enable you to check in with your pets and calm them down. Those with elderly pets can reduce confusion with a quick voice check-in as well.

For two-way communication​, the PetChatz HD may be worth considering since it has the ability for your pets to see and hear you as well.

Cats often tolerate isolation better than dogs, but they may become indolent and gain weight without activity.

The Petcube Camera with built in laser toy gives you the option to get your cat’s attention and send them on an exciting hunt for the red dot.

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Finally, if your dog travels for any time off leash or if you just want to gain a new perspective, the GoPro Fetch dog harness features a water resistant camera for care-free viewing of your dog’s world.

The straps are built to wrap under the dog’s chest so their legs are not impeded, and the harness is padded for comfort. The GoPro dog collar video camera is built for outdoor adventures!

How Well Do They Work?

Each camera offers features that make connecting with your pet and training them much easier.

Treat-dispensing cameras can enable you to monitor your pet’s behavior, catch them behaving badly (dogs digging in the garbage, for example) and offer them a treat to break away from the bad behavior.

These cameras can provide you with high quality videos and photos of your pet to enjoy for posterity.

If you’re more interested in monitoring your dog’s activity and adventures, a pet-mounted camera is a fun way to see what they see and learn more about their daily events.

Additionally, if barking or other disruptive behaviors are a challenge, you can monitor when and why the behavior occurs. You can then make appropriate changes to your home to lessen the risk of those behaviors.​

Features To Consider

Types Of Pet Cameras

Mountable Cameras & Collars

Mountable cameras affix to your pet via a harness or collar attachment. These units are only 4 ounces / 113 grams and offer a one-way view of your dog’s world.

A pet-mounted doggie cam is a great way to record videos of your family outings. High-quality videos can be uploaded with GoPro software to share your dog’s adventures with the world!

Fixed Cameras​

Stationary cameras can be affixed to a wall, an outlet or settled on a flat surface.

These units often offer two-way audio so you and your pet can have a little chat, and many allow you to offer your pet a treat.

Most pet cameras are built with rounded edges and are too large to mouth or carry off.

Pet Camera With Treat Dispenser​

The treat-dispensing units can be accessed by your pets.

The Petzi is built with smoothly rounded corners; a cat or dog would have a hard time pulling it off the wall mount, and if they began scratching at it you could see what they’re up to.

The Furbo is a free-standing camera and treat dispenser that has a slight hourglass shape and is built to roll, should your pet be able to tip it over.​

Treating cameras are an ideal way to cut down on pet anxiety and help your pets break bad behaviors. Two-way audio can help you check in with a nervous pet or new puppy or kitten.

This feature is also helpful for older pets with low vision that may have a tendency to become “lost” as they travel through your home.

Provide a permanent spot for a treating camera near a dog flap to the outdoors or a litter box and you can help your pet stay housebroken in their later years.

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Barking Alerts​

Barking alerts are available on some units so you can check in to see what the fuss is all about.

If your living situation means that a barking dog can cause problems with the neighbors, these cameras can be set up to send you a text when your dog starts raising a ruckus.

Then you can check in with your dog, calm them down and give them a treat when they get quiet.​

Power & Batteries​

Power sources vary and offer some flexibility. Most of the pet cameras on the market are table mounted and can run on battery or electric power.

The Furbo Dog Camera allows you to take a video of your pet, will send you a text if they bark, and is built with adhesive pads at either end to keep it upright. If it does get flipped over, it’s built to roll.

Wi-Fi & Apps​

Information access is available via Wi-Fi and Pet Camera Apps. The table mounted Motorola Pet Scout 66 enables you to monitor your home and pets from a safe vantage point.

You can use the free Hubble app to study your pet’s behavior both day and night, and the two-way audio lets you talk to your pet and console or comfort them if separation anxiety is an issue.

It should be pointed out that this unit can be place high in the room and offers an excellent view of large spaces. This camera features a narrow neck and a wide stand; if your pets can get to it, they can probably tip it over.

Laser Toy​

Exercise is available to pets whether you’re home or not! The PetCube Camera offers a laser toy for pets of all types to chase.

This unit offers excellent video quality and a wide angle view of your home. It’s a rounded cube, too big for most dogs to pick up and carry off, and would be difficult to flip over.

The PetCube 720P camera can probably tolerate nosing, mouthing and pawing from a curious pet. For the best video quality, it’s a good idea to choose a unit that plugs into the wall, rather than a battery-powered unit.

Damage control can be avoided by placing the cameras high enough to where the pet can view them but not knock them off of shelves or tables.

Treat dispensing units are designed to sit a bit lower; for example, the Petzi can be mounted to a wall and the battery-powered Furbo has adhesive to secure it to a low shelf or the floor.​

Final Thoughts

When installing a camera to watch pets, it’s important to keep security in mind. Should your adorable pet become a YouTube star, your home and belongings may well be broadcast further than you intended.

While a Wi-Fi pet camera can be an ideal tool to help comfort and train your pet, be sure to use the pet camera app, photos and videos judiciously.

There are several pet cameras for home use available on the market, and depending your needs and budget, you can easily connect your wireless pet cam to your phone for instant monitoring.

With the pet monitoring system, you can get a text when your pet exhibits undesirable behavior such as barking, and dispense a treat when they behave well. You can also help them burn off some energy with a bit of laser tag!​