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Aquabot Pool Cleaner Reviews & Comparisons

Keeping your pool clean and bright can become a full-time job when the weather gets warm.

Investing in a pool cleaning robot means your pool can get scrubbed while you’re away and you can enjoy it when you get home.

Aquabot offers pool cleaning robots in several styles, suitable for above-ground or in-ground pool cleaning.

In this guide we will look at and compare 3 Aquabot robotic pool cleaner models in our Aquabot reviews to help you find the best Aquabot for you and your pool.

Product Specifications

ModelPool TypeCleans Floors & Lower WallsCable Length
ABREEZ4 (XLS)All PoolsYes50 ft
APRVJR Rover JuniorAbove Ground PoolsNo40 ft
Rover S2 40Above Ground PoolsYes40 ft

Best Aquabot Pool Robots

Aquabot ABREEZ4 (XLS)

Aquabot ABREEZ4 X-Large Breeze with Scrubbers Robotic Pool Cleaner for Above-Ground and In-Ground Pools

The Aquabot ABREEZ4 is suited for pools up to 50 feet in length and can be used to clean an in-ground or above-ground pool.

In addition to capturing debris via vacuum, this unit features:

  1. scrubbers to loosen dirt along the bottom of your pool.
  2. climbing power to address the bottom, coves and lower walls of your pool.
  3. reusable filter bags to really clean the water, and
  4. an anti-tangle swivel power cord that connects into the top of the pool robot. No matter which way the robot travels, the cord remains untangled.

This robotic vacuum is larger and heavier than the Pool Rover Junior and the Pool Rover S2 40. It also can be used on in-ground pools for a great clean along the bottom, coves and low walls.

The primary difference between this Aquabot pool cleaner and the smaller units also previewed below is that this unit offers a bottom scrubber to thoroughly lift dirt and churn pool water.

This churning process will make it easier for your pool’s own filtration system to pitch in and remove even more debris from your pool.

The Breeze XLS can handle any depth of pool as long as you provide plenty of power cord.

It is important to note that this robotic pool cleaner offers mesh filtration bags for easy, consistent cleanup so be sure to keep those bags rinsed at consistent intervals as you run this pool cleaner.

If you need a unit to use on in ground pools only with excellent wall climbing capabilities, consider the Aquabot Breeze 4WD.

Aquabot ABREEZ4WD Breeze 4WD Robotic Pool Cleaner for In Ground Pools up to 60-Feet

The 4WD is sized for pools up to 60 feet and provides pool owners a bit more power when climbing walls.

The brushes on this unit function alongside vacuum ports. As the debris is dislodged from the bottom of the pool, the vacuum function passes directly over it and scoops it up into the mesh filtration bags.

Any particles not caught in the bag are agitated up and captured by the filtration unit of the pool.

By keeping all filtration mechanisms clean, you can enjoy cleaner pool water with fewer harsh chemicals. You can also use this unit in a saltwater pool.

Finally, this unit can be plugged into a timer. This timer is set to clean a large or a small pool, so once you’ve determined the volume and square footage of your pool you can determine the best setting for a thorough scrubbing and vacuuming.

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner,Color May Vary

The Aquabot Junior is ideally suited to smaller above ground pools with a 40 foot range and reusable filter bag. This pool robot is propelled by a 24 volt pump.

This unit is designed to:

  1. clean above ground pool floor
  2. move along the floor by vacuum suction
  3. pick up debris and capture it in reusable filter bags.

The Rover Jr is an ideal tool for smaller pools and particularly above ground pools. Because above ground pools generally don’t offer a coved corner where wall and bottom meet, the Rover Jr is specifically sized to clean the bottom of these pools.

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner,Color May Vary

The vacuum power adds to the water-churning power of this tool and can make your current pool filter much more effective by elevating debris and dirt particles, making it much easier for your poor filtration system to collect dirt.

The Rover Junior is an extremely sure-footed tool and offers wide wheels for great traction. This unit is programmable and can be set to run at your convenience, clean your pool, agitate the water for increased filter efficiencies and get your pool ready for your use.

The Rover Junior has an internal pump for great water circulation, a two hour automatic shut-off timer, and 40 feet of floating cable for a great clean with no cord tangles.

You can be assured of a great quality pool scrub when you review the contents of the filtration bags. Because they pick up dirt and debris on the microscopic scale, you can be assured that your pool experience will be sparkling!

Aquabot Pool Rover S2 40


The Rover S2 is a terrific tool for 40 foot pools and is ideally suited to above ground pools.

This unit:

  1. is excellent for churning up water and working well in combination with your current filtration system.
  2. vacuums up and captures debris in reusable filtration bags
  3. is larger than many robot cleaners designed for above ground pools and will clean up with great efficiency.

Each Aquabot pool rover is built to provide pool owners the chance to enjoy a cleaner pool with fewer chemicals.

All Aquabots are built with mesh filtration bags ideally designed to collect and hold dirt and debris until you can empty and rinse the bags.

Additionally, these tools can be used while you’re in the pool; the current coming from these tools is very small.​

The S2-40 offers a lot of cleaning power in a small, lightweight unit. If getting your pool cleaner into and out of the water has ever been a problem for you, this unit is ideally sized to move into the water.


The Rover S2-40 offers top access to the filtration bags so the unit is easy to maintain.

This unit moves itself across your pool bottom by suctioning in pool water and generating a jet that propels the robotic cleaner.

Thanks to this strong draw of water and powerful jetting, this robotic pool cleaner is an ideal tool for keeping the pool water moving, even when you can’t use the pool. This churning and constant motion of the water greatly increases the efficiency of your pool’s filtration system.

While this unit is great for smaller, above-ground pools, it’s not recommended for large or very deep pools. Because the footprint of this unit is fairly small, the use of it for a large pool would cause it to burn up a lot of vacuum time.

Finally, the Rover S2-40 has a light tread to avoid damage on free-standing pools and the S2-40 may not be able to maintain the proper footing for extremely deep pools.

Additional Considerations

No Aquabot review would be incomplete without pointing out the company’s primary goal. Aquabot works to help pool users enjoy a clean pool with fewer chemicals.

Their programmable robotic pool cleaners will run for up to two hours and can be programmed to run at various intervals within a 24 hour cycle.

In addition, the mesh filter bags enable Aquabot users to collect and discard dirt and debris from the water for a clean, relaxing swim.

Final Thoughts

The brushing power of the Aquabot ABREEZ4 puts it ahead of the smaller Rover Junior and the Pool Rover S2 40.

The ABREEZ4 is larger, heavier and may take a bit more work to handle in and out of the pool.

The addition of the scrubbing brush on the bottom makes this robotic pool cleaner universally effective in scrubbing up sediment, moving debris, churning the pool water and filtering away gunk.​